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21 January 2011: Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. along with its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles have launched a new marketing campaign for the Prius family of vehicles. The campaign, “Prius Goes Plural,” challenges the public to help the automaker answer a unique, grammatical question in the wake of the world premiere of the Toyota Prius family of vehicles-what do you call more than one Prius?...

The plural of Prius has sparked debates since the launch of the first-generation vehicle ten years ago. Now that the Prius family has grown, Toyota would like its customers and fans to help them decide on a term to describe the plural of Prius vehicles. Thus, the marketing campaign was designed to let the voice of the public be heard. Toyota has set up a system that allows everyday people to decide, by majority rule, which word will be adopted by Toyota as the official plural of Prius. An online voting module enables the public to vote for their preferred plural of Prius-five options in all, including Prius, Priuses, Prii, Prien and Prium-as well as view real-time polling data. Once they’ve voted, consumers can share their preferred plural via Facebook. A voting widget, which lives on Facebook, Toyota.com/priusfamily and the Toyota Prius Projects site (www.toyotapriusprojects.com), will also be available to embed in blogs. Read full press release.


21 December 2010: The Reebok viral campaign for the Taikan line of performance wear is an excellent example of how to do a viral campaign right. The KPI results speak for themselves.”  So says Zach Taub, Reebok’s Brand Director. The video is a parody based on a very well known exercise show in Japan. The campaign ran from April 1 to mid-May and was designed to raise awareness of the Taikan product line.  The icing on the cake for this campaign was the recent announcement by YouTube Rewind [see ]http://www.youtube.com/rewind] that the viral video was the second most viewed video on YouTube in Japan in 2010. Read full press release.

29 October 2010: Toyota Sweden worked with creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with an ingenious way of lowering carbon dioxide emission by 2 million tons per year*.  They calculated that if all drivers in Sweden placed a glass of water on their dashboard, and managed to complete their journey without spilling the water, their driving would be gentler and therefore more economical.

This unique solution is built around an iPhone application - A Glass of Water - that can be downloaded for free at Apple’s App Store.  The app is activated at the start of a car journey, and designed to look and act like the bird’s eye view of a glass of water.  The app monitors and registers the volume of water spilled during the journey, so the driver’s challenge is to drive carefully enough to avoid spillage and reduce carbon emmissions. Read full press release.

15 July 2009: Andrzej Moyseowicz, Media and Innovation Director, Saatchi & Saatchi EMEA, presents the keynote speech on ‘Mobile Marketing’ at global digital and marketing conference, dmexco 2009.

21 April 2009: “Creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town introduced the application of augmented reality (AR), as part of an experiential activation in selected malls, for literature retail outlet Wordsworth Books last week. Anton Crone, executive creative director of Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, says the campaign marks the debut of AR in consumer marketing in South Africa, and the African continent.

Wordsworth Books tasked the agency to engage consumers in the atmospheric setting of its stores - “a book lover’s universe where the written word comes to life,” which remains a salient feature differentiating the brand from its competitors. Saatchi & Saatchi brokered a participation deal with Apple Macintosh stores for Wordsworth, and then turned to AR, which has remained fairly unexploited in a commercial marketing context until now.” Read the full article at BizCommunity.com.

10 March 2008: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia this week unveils a groundbreaking campaign for pro bono client United Nations called “The UN Voices Project” in which you can actually listen to an outdoor poster and press advertisement via mobile phone technology.

Using an innovative new digital channel to connect and engage the public, the campaign features outdoor posters, print and online elements. These are combined to reinforce the message of giving a voice to those whose plight normally goes unseen and unheard.

People around Sydney are encouraged to take a mobile phone photo of the featured person’s mouth and send it to a number on the poster as a text message. Then using digital image recognition technology and an Australian first call back service, the sender receives a return phone call with a pre-recorded message from the person they have photographed, giving a brief insight into how they live and highlighting some of the issues they face. The message then directs people to a UN website where visitors can leave their own comments and thoughts, turning the original seven voices into thousands. Read full press release.

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