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Lexus IS ‘Hologram’

21 October 2011: In the latest creative campaign for Prius, Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA introduce a new character: the People Person. A dynamic performance piece, the People Person brings together 18 human bodies through artful choreography, wardrobe and direction (and the occasional special effect) to move and act as a single person going about a typical morning ritual.

The spots combine cool surrealism with a simple mission: to playfully introduce Prius Goes Plural-four Prius hybrid models, including the 3rd generation Prius, Prius v, Prius Plug-in and Prius c concept vehicle-while enhancing the unique place Prius holds in the hearts of consumers. In a nod to the diverse Prius community, the spots acknowledge that universal behaviors connect people, even though their vehicle preferences might vary. The verdant, rolling hills in the scene call to mind the positive impact hybrid vehicles can have on the environment. Read full press release.

5 October 2011: Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town has developed an animated short film to introduce Executive Education, a sub-brand of the UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) by showing how curiosity grows with new discoveries and in return rewards one.

Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town, Sammy-Jane Thom says that Saatchi & Saatchi’s brief was to create a piece that would be used as a sales aid to introduce potential delegates, who are corporate executives, to the institution’s way of thinking and to be used as a standalone in media that supports long format (more than 60” duration) like the Internet and Cinema.

Off the platform of curiosity, Executive Education seeks to promote agility of thought through the premise that questions change the world, not answers. It is with a curious mind that new worlds open.

Thom says that in keeping with this way of thinking, Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to break the mould on the traditional Audio Visuals. “We didn’t want something expected and familiar to this audience. We wanted to create something that would leave viewers thinking, contemplating and inspired to explore.

“Our AV had to offer an alternative headspace to this audience, so that they would be receptive to the school’s offering. So we decided to go the route of animation, which allowed us to explore the world of metaphor.”

Read full press release.

Every toyota owner has a story, so Saatchi & Saatchi LA decided to take a few and animate them.

1 JUN 2011: “This ad is the most recent advertisement for Toyota de Puerto Rico by Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi. For many years they’ve built the reputation of the Toyota Brand based on the fact that Toyota cars last a long, long time.”
Best Ads on TV

9 May 2011: In its first brand campaign for T-Mobile this year, Saatchi & Saatchi London launched a spoof video to commemorate the recent royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. The clip has been watched more than 20 million times on the T-Mobile ‘Life’s for Sharing’ YouTube channel and has proved to be a resounding viral success.

The 2 minute film clip features 15 royal lookalikes who have been selected to match actual members of the Royal family known to be attending Kate & Wills’ big day. The members of the royal wedding party dance their way down the aisle in front of a packed congregation in a routine choreographed to the 1990s top ten track House of Love East 17.
Read full press release.

3 February 2011: Following the huge success of the Andes “Teletransporter” in 2009, and the Grand Prix win at the 2010 Cannes Advertising Festival, the No. 1 beer from the Andean region of Argentina has launched ANDES FRIEND RECOVERY (AFR).  AFR is a cutting-edge robot with human features, which was installed in the main bars of Mendoza.  The AFR enables men to be present at the bar with friends without neglecting their duties as boyfriends; because at the same time, they are with their girlfriends somewhere else.

The AFR was installed in the most important bars of the Mendoza, during October and November 2010.  During that time, the Andes Friend Recovery website received over 2 million visits, 5000 of which were “recovered” friends. The campaign was launched on traditional media; TV, OOH and RADIO. Read full press release.

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