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Order Made Easy
Brands Embrace Shoppable Video
Pepsi Invites Drinkers to become Mixologists
Grosch Bottle Transforms into Movie Ticket
Virtual Reality: The Next Marketing Frontier
Drinks Tube Mixes Social, Real-Time and Cocktails
Adidas Releases Short-Format TV Series’
Lacoste Invites Shoppers to Not Remove Their Shoes
Heineken Help Revelers Discover ‘Where Next’
Birchbox Soho takes the Online World Offline
Cadbury Scans Facebook to Match Person to Chocolate
WhatsCook Helps Would-Be Cooks
Passions on the Wall
Google and Grocer Encourage Use of Scrapes
Augmented Makeup
Let Your Fingers do the Designing.
Posters Making Music
Amazon Lets People Make Shopping Lists Through Tweets
Google Now Tells You Where to Shop
Westfield Launch Touch Screen ‘Storefronts’
Instagram Surfing Is Here
Saatchi & Saatchi New York Create App for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt
The Art of Chrome Light
Pepsi Transforms Bus Stop into Alternate Reality
Kenzo’s Pop-Up Store Makes A Statement
Time Machine Takes the New Generation Back to the Past
Study: Car Buyers Consult Online Before Dealerships
Fashion Goes 360
Video DJ
The Daisy Marc Jacobs Twitter Store
The Second Screen Creates Value
Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange
High Scores Could Lead to Your Dream Job
Prepare to Be Pranked by Old Spice
Burritos Take Over TV

Play Fetch with Eukanuba Online
Toyota Collaborator
Unsnooze – The Game
Outdoor Activation Celebrates MINIs
On Demand Football Pitch
Media Markt Brings Store Underground
McDonald’s Create Interactive Table
Ikea’s AR App Fits Furniture Into Your Home
Play Novalia’s Poster with Your Fingertips
City Streetlight Project Spreads Residents Around the City
Häagen-Dazs Uses Augmented Reality to Help ‘Temper’ Ice Cream
The Rise of the Virtual Showroom
BREAKFAST Creates Web-enabled Signpost
Nike App Helps Designers Choose Sustainable Materials
Planet Fitness Fights ‘Pintimidation’
24 Hour Shoppable Window
Brain Translates Hidden Message
Coca-Cola Unites Through Vending Machines
Virtual Kisses
Adobe Photoshop Enables Real-Time Advertising
Dunkin’ on Vine
Toyota’s Hidden Road Safety Campaign
Screens to Shop With
Integrating Print and Digital
Printed Wi-Fi
Atom Sized Film
Cups That Creates Instant Friends
Look Away to Pause
Google Glasses
Crowdsourcing “Veronica Mars”
58% Bank On Mobile
Wi-Fi Movie Poster
Instagram to Receive Recipes
Sak’s Helps Employees Eat Healthy
The Rise of the Second Screen
Day and Night Smartphone Use
Lexus Moves into Movies
Own Your Own Subway Virtual Store
KLM’s Personalized Maps
Lexus Blends-Out
Investing In Mobile Start-Ups To Reconnect
An App To Curbing The Wine Habits Of Scotland’s Women
Trend: Phablets Are The New Normal
Televisions Still Domination Media Consumption
Coca-Cola Happiness Machine Accepts Carols For Payment
Lenovo Launches Resolution Sharing on Facebook

Mobile App That Lets Shoppers Skip The Checkout Line
Guinness Storehouse’s High-Tech Experience
McDonald’s China Brings Angry Birds Into Restaurants
Tide Asks NFL Fans to Show Their Colors
Kellogg’s Opens Tweet Shop
Tesco’s Virtual Supermarket
The Rise of Visual Social Media
The 5 Characteristics of Winning Ads
Retailers Connect With Teens Through Text
Automotive Retail Goes Mobile
Harrods’ Windows Get Dressed With Pinterest
Google+ Cadbury Equals Chocolate
Coca-Cola ‘Papertweetos’
Nature Valley Brings the Outdoors In
Tesco’s Delivery Dash
Clicks & Cravings
PepsiCo’s Latest Digital Correspondents
Aim to Spread the Love

Russian electronic retailer, Media Markt, has launched a mobile shopping display in a Moscow underground station.

McDonald Singapore has employed smartphones to turn a boring table into an interactive gaming experience for kids. The table uses NFC technology to turn the table into a driving track.

More and more companies are using Vine to engage with consumers, including GE who is using the short-form video app to create #6SecondScience Fair series.

Ikea have updated its 2014 catalogue app to include an augmented reality feature that lets customers see how a couch, rug, bedside table, or lamp will fit in a room.

Gone are the days of the static, one-way communication based poster. Novalia, have developed a poster that produces sounds when the poster is touched.

When Brazilian electricity company, AES Eletropaulo wanted to engage with the residents of São Paulo they took to the streets, using the city’s street lights to project messages submitted by the public.

To ensure eaters wait for its ice cream to “temper”, Häagen-Dazs has launched the ‘Concerto Timer’ iOS app which features two-minute-long music concertos to entertain consumers while they wait for the ice cream to reach its ideal consistency and flavor. 

As fewer Britons are buying cars, car manufacturers are moving away from traditional hard sell techniques typically used at showrooms and offering more opportunities to experiences vehicles before they buy – even encouraging online purchases.

New York-based tech firm BREAKFAST have hurled the signpost into the 21st century, with ‘Points’, an interactive web-enabled sign post.


Source: POPSOP.com

10 July 2013:A new iOS app by Nike helps designers choose more sustainable materials. Informed by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), MAKING providers users with information about the environment environmental performance of the materials designers and creators use in their work, such as silk, leather, wool, polypropylene and rayon-viscose, so that they can make more informed decisions about the materials they choose. The guide delivers information on the materials that are most used in the manufacturing of apparel and home goods. To provide information on how sustainable each material is, MAKING looks at the chemistry, energy/greenhouse gas intensity, water/land intensity and physical waste of each material. 

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