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The Second Screen Creates Value
Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange
High Scores Could Lead to Your Dream Job
Prepare to Be Pranked by Old Spice
Burritos Take Over TV

Play Fetch with Eukanuba Online
Toyota Collaborator
Unsnooze – The Game
Outdoor Activation Celebrates MINIs
On Demand Football Pitch
Media Markt Brings Store Underground
McDonald’s Create Interactive Table
Ikea’s AR App Fits Furniture Into Your Home
Play Novalia’s Poster with Your Fingertips
City Streetlight Project Spreads Residents Around the City
Häagen-Dazs Uses Augmented Reality to Help ‘Temper’ Ice Cream
The Rise of the Virtual Showroom
BREAKFAST Creates Web-enabled Signpost
Nike App Helps Designers Choose Sustainable Materials
Planet Fitness Fights ‘Pintimidation’
24 Hour Shoppable Window
Brain Translates Hidden Message
Coca-Cola Unites Through Vending Machines
Virtual Kisses
Adobe Photoshop Enables Real-Time Advertising
Dunkin’ on Vine
Toyota’s Hidden Road Safety Campaign
Screens to Shop With
Integrating Print and Digital
Printed Wi-Fi
Atom Sized Film
Cups That Creates Instant Friends
Look Away to Pause
Google Glasses
Crowdsourcing “Veronica Mars”
58% Bank On Mobile
Wi-Fi Movie Poster
Instagram to Receive Recipes
Sak’s Helps Employees Eat Healthy
The Rise of the Second Screen
Day and Night Smartphone Use
Lexus Moves into Movies
Own Your Own Subway Virtual Store
KLM’s Personalized Maps
Lexus Blends-Out
Investing In Mobile Start-Ups To Reconnect
An App To Curbing The Wine Habits Of Scotland’s Women
Trend: Phablets Are The New Normal
Televisions Still Domination Media Consumption
Coca-Cola Happiness Machine Accepts Carols For Payment
Lenovo Launches Resolution Sharing on Facebook

Mobile App That Lets Shoppers Skip The Checkout Line
Guinness Storehouse’s High-Tech Experience
McDonald’s China Brings Angry Birds Into Restaurants
Tide Asks NFL Fans to Show Their Colors
Kellogg’s Opens Tweet Shop
Tesco’s Virtual Supermarket
The Rise of Visual Social Media
The 5 Characteristics of Winning Ads
Retailers Connect With Teens Through Text
Automotive Retail Goes Mobile
Harrods’ Windows Get Dressed With Pinterest
Google+ Cadbury Equals Chocolate
Coca-Cola ‘Papertweetos’
Nature Valley Brings the Outdoors In
Tesco’s Delivery Dash
Clicks & Cravings
PepsiCo’s Latest Digital Correspondents
Aim to Spread the Love
Play ‘The Hunger Games’
Connected Consumers Aren’t Who You Think They Are
Trading In For The Real Olympic Experience
YouTube Takes Film Buff Hopefuls from Fantasy to Reality
Those On The Go Give Remotes The Flick

P&G Scavenging for Smartphone Users
Obermutten Goes Worldwide
JCPenney’s Audio Gift Tags
McRib Back Once Again
L.A. Kings Get Gamified
Window Shopping the 8ta Way
McDonald’s to Launch McTV
Kodak’s Free Facebook Photo Prints
AmEx is Now Friends with ‘Billboard’
IKEA App Customizes Your Bedroom
Connecting Experiences with NFC
Dancing Babies are Back!
Ritz-Carlton Warmly Welcomes Digital
Turning Test Drives into a Game
Laptops No Longer
Porsche Goes Flying
Reinventing Street Advertising
The 5 Digital Senses
Joyus: Video Shopping
Toyota Social Snap Shot
Zegna inSTORE
Bloomingdale’s Poses with NBC
Facebook TV?
Mercedes: Virtual vs Reality
Cadbury Unwraps Interactive Video Game


Source: web.utsandiego.com

If this weekend’s Super Bowl proved anything other than the dominant defense of the Seattle Seahawks, then it’s that the power of the second screen is here to stay.

The second screen refers to the practice of consulting any other screen device during a live television event, and mostly falls under the use of smartphones or tablet devices during live sporting events.  This practice was particularly evident during Super Bowl XLVIII as the Seattle Seahawks battled the Denver Broncos, and millions of viewers were still actively engaging through social media devices such as Facebook and Twitter while they watched the game. Many posted their own photos of the on-going game and half time show, while also providing personal commentary on the game.

Analysts believe this trend will continue to grow, and by 2014 use of hashtags in advertising will have eclipsed the mention of corporate websites. In many of the advertisements that were featured at this year’s Super Bowl, the use of hashtags lead to huge social media chatter and discussion.

Brands who utilize the second screen effectively can extend their brands influence onto their desired consumer, allowing the consumer to build a deeper connection and resonance for that particular brand.

Source: Vanish.co.nz

Proving that ‘old wives tales‘ are not old, and are actually very useful, Vanish New Zealand has set up the ‘Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange’, which encourages Vanish users to share their washing tips with one another

A series of videos have been created showcasing real New Zealand women demonstrating how they remove stains from their favorite garments. A correlating website has been set up in conjunction with the videos, providing additional user generated questions and answers related to every kind of stain, from masquera to barbecue sauce, along with every kind of fabric, from wool to cotton, and how you get rid of them.

imageSource: gameskinny.com

All those hours spent leveling up in your favorite video games could prove valuable to your career path, as more and more companies are now using video games in their recruitment process.

Businesses such as Shell have incorporated video game software, produced by companies such as Knack, a start-up educational company, as part of their job testing process. These games allow an organisation to determine what particular skills you might possess as a potential employee, along with what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knack’s products build “on the power of games to help people discover what makes them unique: their talents, their traits, their true potential”. One of their games, Wasabi Waiter, tasks players to anticipate what kinds of foods a customer might want to order in a restaurant. Use of such games allows an organization to scientifically assess whether your skills as a job applicant match what is required for the position, along with how you will benefit the organization.

Erik Brynjolfsson, an economist at MIT believes the use of video games by potential employers is likely to continue as “there is a huge amount of money to be made in matching people to their careers better”.

So keep leveling up as it might lead you to your dream job.

Source: Muscleandfitness.com
Old Spice has a way of combining dry wit with the latest developments in technology to bring their scent directly to their ideal audience. It’s worked out pretty well for them so far with their ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ TVC racking up 47 million views on YouTube.

Old Spice is now onto new development in prank websites, with an assortment of guy friendly products that should appeal to the male mind including: Solid Gold Bluetooth Headsets, Protein Cologne and Brodominiums (or purpose built condominums that have been built inside gyms). Off course it isn’t long before you’re redirected to a video advertisement featuring the always bare-chested and particularly buff Old Spice Man, also known as Isaiah Mustafa.

These new viral pranks present a clever way of reaching a somewhat difficult audience of males aged 18 – 30 who are not typically driven to purchase beauty products, but who are big consumers and sharers of viral content.

imageChipotle, makers of specialist Mexican takeaways, are producing ‘Farmed and Dangerous’, an original four episode television series which will be available for download on web streaming service Hulu.

The series is being designed to raise awareness about ethical food sourcing and cultivation. “By making complex issues about food production more understandable—even entertaining—we are reaching people who have not typically been tuned into these types of issues”, said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle.

If the initial four episodes are successful, Chipotle have stated they are open to producing more episodes, and we could potentially be seeing even more food companies try their hand at a different kind of production.

image Eukanuba’s Play Fetch is a unique Facebook application conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, that enables you to launch tennis balls anywhere in the world directly from your computer to dogs at Pets Haven Animal Shelter in Victoria, Australia.

For every play, Eukanuba donated 5 bowls of superior nutrition to the canines at Pets Haven to keep them thriving.  Dog lovers all over the world were invited to engage with a Facebook app that allows you to interact with the dogs at Pets Haven Animal Shelter, engaging them in a game of fetch via live video feed.  As well as the donation of 5 bowls of food for each play, an extra bowl was donated for every like or share on Facebook.

Almost 10,000 bowls of Eukanuba superior nutrition have been donated so far to these shelter dogs, but more is needed.  The goal is to earn 28,000 bowls of food, a year’s supply of dog food.

Eukanuba Play Fetch highlights how good nutrition, a balanced diet and crucial exercise are the key factors to promote the health and wellbeing for all dogs and of all ages.  Eukanuba is giving shelter dogs the best opportunity to not only be the best dog they can be, but also to find loving homes.

“We were very excited to launch this initiative because we know that in every shelter dog lies a top dog waiting to be unleashed. At Eukanuba, dogs are our passion and enhancing their health and wellbeing is at the heart of all we do.  Eukanuba Play Fetch offers Facebook fans from around Australia the opportunity to make an abandoned dog’s life that little bit better by throwing them a ball from the comfort of their home, and for doing so we will ensure that every like, share and play results in bowls of superior nutrition being donated to Pets Haven so that in 2014, all the dogs and cats in their care will be receiving the very best nutrition to help them also transform into a top dog or cat,” said Dr Danielle Bernal, the veterinarian for Eukanuba pet foods in Australia.

Read the full article at saatchi.com.

image Shopping for a car online is about to get seriously social. Toyota, and its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA, partnered with Google and employed Joystick Interactive to create the Toyota Collaborator. While several automakers have online configurators, this is the first truly social, multi-user, collaborative configurator.

The social shopping application brings people together to configure a Toyota using the power of Google+ and Google Hangouts. While a user builds their all-new 2014 Corolla, they can invite friends in a Google Hangout to pick colors, add features – and even take a virtual test drive using Google Maps and Google Street View – all in real time.

Read more at saatchi.com

imageNordic states have an issue with snoozing, especially in winter; at least, that is, according to a study by Philips. 82 percent of Norwegians confess to being snoozers, with other Nordic countries being represented by similar figures.

To encourage Nord’s and their neighbors to get out of bed, Philips developed, Unsnooze – The Game, for iOS, which turns getting out of bed into a competitive game.

Users set their alarm as they normally would, and compete again other players who have set their alarm for the same time. Those who turn off their alarm first win.


Source: Julian Morale/flickr

Drivers of the classic British car, MINI, are receiving a pat on the back from the company as they roam the streets on London. Drivers of the cars are being celebrated through an outdoor campaign that includes the use of digital screens along one of London’s main roads that flash messages directly to MINI drivers as they go passed. The messages that flash up –such as ‘Hey Cream MINI, what’s your secret?’ – appear as a result of software that recognizes the cars as they drive by, in addition to a team of MINI ‘spotters.’

At gas stations, MINI drivers are offered free treats – bacon sandwiches or smoothies in the morning, and a tank of fuel or a bunch of flowers in the evening. Drivers can opt to have their photos taken and displayed with a tailored message as they approach digital poster sites.



Source: nikeblog.com

In the Spanish capital of Madrid, people are able to request Nike for a pop-up football pitch in six different city neighbours, as a part of a #mipista campaign. Players request a pitch using their smartphones, and once an order is placed, Nike specialists drive to the location with a laser system and crane and use laser beams to create an augmented football pitch where two teams of five can play.


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