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Toyota ‘Prius Goes Plural’

21 January 2011: Toyota Motor Sales (TMS), USA, Inc. along with its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles have launched a new marketing campaign for the Prius family of vehicles. The campaign, “Prius Goes Plural,” challenges the public to help the automaker answer a unique, grammatical question in the wake of the world premiere of the Toyota Prius family of vehicles-what do you call more than one Prius?...

The plural of Prius has sparked debates since the launch of the first-generation vehicle ten years ago. Now that the Prius family has grown, Toyota would like its customers and fans to help them decide on a term to describe the plural of Prius vehicles. Thus, the marketing campaign was designed to let the voice of the public be heard. Toyota has set up a system that allows everyday people to decide, by majority rule, which word will be adopted by Toyota as the official plural of Prius. An online voting module enables the public to vote for their preferred plural of Prius-five options in all, including Prius, Priuses, Prii, Prien and Prium-as well as view real-time polling data. Once they’ve voted, consumers can share their preferred plural via Facebook. A voting widget, which lives on Facebook, Toyota.com/priusfamily and the Toyota Prius Projects site (www.toyotapriusprojects.com), will also be available to embed in blogs. Read full press release.



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