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Toyota ‘A Glass of Water’’

29 October 2010: Toyota Sweden worked with creatives at Saatchi & Saatchi to come up with an ingenious way of lowering carbon dioxide emission by 2 million tons per year*.  They calculated that if all drivers in Sweden placed a glass of water on their dashboard, and managed to complete their journey without spilling the water, their driving would be gentler and therefore more economical.

This unique solution is built around an iPhone application - A Glass of Water - that can be downloaded for free at Apple’s App Store.  The app is activated at the start of a car journey, and designed to look and act like the bird’s eye view of a glass of water.  The app monitors and registers the volume of water spilled during the journey, so the driver’s challenge is to drive carefully enough to avoid spillage and reduce carbon emmissions. Read full press release.


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