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Sisomo in the Media

Media Rules Have Changed
“The [branding] industry has to learn to understand the multitude of media possibilities and how these connect with consumers, and vice versa. While the Internet age is not the end for traditional media like newspapers and billboards, [Kevin] Roberts admits that television and computer screens will continue to dominate the advertising landscape.”

(Source: TODAY, August 2007)

Interactivity Is The Key Word, Says Advertising Guru
“Being digital fuels the ‘Attraction Economy’ with new connectivity, interactivity, and mobility. It’s expanding our tools and technologies to connect with customers; it’s giving us a richer palate,” says Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi.

(Source: Business Times, June 2007)

To Survive, Print And TV Must Engage Consumers
Online advertising is booming and marketers cannot stop talking about digital and interactive media but that does not mean old-school print and TV are finished.

(Source: Straits Times, June 2007)

The Attraction Economy
This year will see the emergence of the Attraction Economy. Driven by the fundamental shift in control from manufacturers and retailers to consumers, the future belongs to those who make emotional connections with them. Article by Kevin Roberts.

(Source: AdAge, January 2007)

Saatchi, Coca-Cola Bow To Might of Mobile
“Saatchi & Saatchi estimates that mobile advertising will account for 15% of its total turnover next year. And one of its top clients, Coca-Cola, is betting that mobile will become a bigger advertising vehicle than television, says Neil Hughston, managing director of Saatchi & Saatchi Interactive”.

(Source: Informa, 20 October 2006)

The Bloomberg Report: The Future of Advertising
Newspapers are losing readership to news online. Kevin Roberts discusses how advertising spend will change in an era where an increasing amount of television and print finds its way onto the Internet.

(Source: Bloomberg, October 2006)

Kevin Roberts interview at Infopresse, Montreal, Canada
Kevin Roberts speaks to Infopresse about sisomo and the future of newspapers in the digital age.

(Source: Infopresse, 13 September 2006)

Marketing In The Screen Age
The Dutch magazine, Emerce, speaks to Kevin Roberts about marketing in the screen age. Gone are the days of the consumer as an obedient servant. The clever, creative use of screens is the key to communication with this critical, filming, blogging and social networking generation.

(Source: Emerce, June 2006)

The Future is Connected
“The mass market’s dead and we’re in the marketing business. Consumers are blogging and creating their own media everywhere…They’re going to want convergence and divergence,” says Kevin Roberts in this interview he, and Brett Channer, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, has with Canadian publication, Boards Magazine.

(Source: Boards Magazine, 1 April 2006)

Come to the Edge
“Sisomo, Tribes and ‘out of the comfort zone’ creatives are expounded on by John Pallant, Regional Creative Director, EMEA, Saatchi & Saatchi, along with ‘entertainment from a clients proposition’”. (5:36 minutes, mp3, 1.65 MB)

(Source: AME Info, March 2006)

Advertising Agencies are Still Too Focused on Traditional Media
“Sisomo is a theory, a change in state of mind which corresponds to the transformations that the consumer society has undergone…This change is accompanied by technological change: screens are increasingly present in our lives.”

(Source: Le Journal du Net, 15 March 2006)

Fast Talk
In the March 2006 edition of Fast Company, Kevin Roberts speaks about the challenge of business going forward in the screen age. “You have to engage consumers emotionally, tell them a story so they lean in and get involved.”

(Source: Fast Company, March 2006)

Sisomo Stories Will Enthrall
Ed Jones, Regional Creative Director of Saatchi & Saatchi from Dubai, explains in Gulf News why sisomo will enthrall audiences. “...Emotion on screen is what makes it memorable and inspiring. One can recognise that the screen is a magic medium with such power that it can convey emotions and moods that no other art form can tackle…”

(Source: Gulf News, March 2006)

Ten ideas coming to a screen near you
“Forget the Attention Economy, where the job was to cut through and grab the attention of consumers. Today’s Attraction Economy is a much tougher proposition, where consumer control is the reality.” Kevin Roberts shares 10 ideas that will shape the future of how we do things.

(Source: The New Zealand Herald, 28 February 2006)

On the MIC with Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts talks to the website Media In Canada about the sisomo revolution and why it’s happening in Canada in 2006.

Source: Media In Canada, 21 February 2006)

Noun’s the time for a revolution
Sisomo, a new word for a new world. The New Zealand Herald explores the rise of sisomo, the word, along with its potential to be the lingua franca of the Screen Age.

(Source: The New Zealand Herald, 29 December 2005)

Sisomo: The Future on Screen
Seville Kaede, President of Kaede Media, reviews Sisomo: The Future on Screen in the Japanese magazine Ad Studies (Vol.15, 2006). The article has been translated into English.

(Source: Ad Studies, February 2006)

Sisomo is On the Money
CNBC’s On The Money chats with Kevin about the sisomo book and concept. Sisomo.com makes an appearance! (2MB)

(Source: CNBC, December 2005)

Medium Is the Message
“In a world where screen-based media is becoming ever more important and TV is the best means with which to spark the emotional circuits of consumers, fashion marketers must adapt rapidly or else get lost in the shuffle.”

(Source: Women’s Wear Daily, November 2005)

Sisomo For Charity
The world’s first copy of advertising guru Kevin Roberts’ new book sisomo: the future on screen went under the hammer at an auction to raise money for the Lighthouse Foundation, a charity providing accommodation and support for young people at risk. It’s signed: “Here’s to getting to the future first.” The copy sold for US$600!

(Source: B & T, 14 October 2005)

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