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New CinePrint Technology Puts Lexus Print Ad in Motion


26 November 2012: Team One continues to play and experiment with traditional advertising. Using a Lexus ES Sports Illustrated print ad with an iPad screen, the industry first transforms a static ad into moving video. With CinePrint(TM), the seemingly standard ad is converted into a full-fledged digital experience.

After placing the iPad underneath the ad, the static image comes to life - the sky flashes and pulsates with a brilliant color before exploding to the beat of the music and the engine revs as the car begins driving through the night. While most traditional mash-ups redirect to a digital experience, Team One was able to create a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch all within the print advertisement.

To experience the ad first hand, find the Lexus ad in the October 15 print edition of Sports Illustrated. Or watch the demo video to see for yourself: www.Lexus.com/stunning

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