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Interactive Film Hits Sundance


Image source: www4.joblo.com

1 February 2011: A unique film experience at this year’s Sundance Film Festival provided a glimpse into how interactive technology can give users a more active role in the entertainment they consume. A transmedia storytelling experience, Pandemic 1.0, was developed by Workbook Project founder, Lance Weiler, and incorporates everything from film, mobile and online to social gaming and data visualization. Unfolding over the course of the festival, Pandemic 1.0 enabled viewers to step into the shoes of the protagonists by using mobile phones and tweets to stop a global pandemic with apocalyptic outcomes. All 40,000 Sundance attendants were actors in this untraditional film to some extent, but those actively taking part could interact with ‘artifacts’ vital to stopping the pandemic by making their way to specifically developed Microsoft surface displays placed around the city. Through this film the combination of technology and media people use on a daily basis was transformed into a unique experience for participants.

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