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What Is Sisomo?

The digital revolution is transforming marketing, entertainment and technology everywhere. The boundaries between media and advertising, content and products, creator and producer, audience and critic are dissolving. This new world demands new language.

sisomo is the powerful combination of Sight, Sound and Motion on screen. sisomo is an idea at Saatchi & Saatchi’s core. A new word that powers our creatives, our interactives, our media thinkers, our planners, our account lines. sisomo is the great melting pot of creative communications and digital technologies. Life gets more fun when you think sisomo.

sisomo is not about tools and technologies. It’s about people, ideas and creativity. The idea with the most attitude, personality, authenticity and truth, wins.


The Second Screen Creates Value


Source: web.utsandiego.com

If this weekend’s Super Bowl proved anything other than the dominant defense of the Seattle Seahawks, then it’s that the power of the second screen is here to stay.

The second screen refers to the practice of consulting any other screen device during a live television event, and mostly falls under the use of smartphones or tablet devices during live sporting events.  This practice was particularly evident during Super Bowl XLVIII as the Seattle Seahawks battled the Denver Broncos, and millions of viewers were still actively engaging through social media devices such as Facebook and Twitter while they watched the game. Many posted their own photos of the on-going game and half time show, while also providing personal commentary on the game.

Analysts believe this trend will continue to grow, and by 2014 use of hashtags in advertising will have eclipsed the mention of corporate websites. In many of the advertisements that were featured at this year’s Super Bowl, the use of hashtags lead to huge social media chatter and discussion.

Brands who utilize the second screen effectively can extend their brands influence onto their desired consumer, allowing the consumer to build a deeper connection and resonance for that particular brand.

Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange

Source: Vanish.co.nz

Proving that ‘old wives tales‘ are not old, and are actually very useful, Vanish New Zealand has set up the ‘Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange’, which encourages Vanish users to share their washing tips with one another

A series of videos have been created showcasing real New Zealand women demonstrating how they remove stains from their favorite garments. A correlating website has been set up in conjunction with the videos, providing additional user generated questions and answers related to every kind of stain, from masquera to barbecue sauce, along with every kind of fabric, from wool to cotton, and how you get rid of them.

High Scores Could Lead to Your Dream Job

imageSource: gameskinny.com

All those hours spent leveling up in your favorite video games could prove valuable to your career path, as more and more companies are now using video games in their recruitment process.

Businesses such as Shell have incorporated video game software, produced by companies such as Knack, a start-up educational company, as part of their job testing process. These games allow an organisation to determine what particular skills you might possess as a potential employee, along with what your strengths and weaknesses are. Knack’s products build “on the power of games to help people discover what makes them unique: their talents, their traits, their true potential”. One of their games, Wasabi Waiter, tasks players to anticipate what kinds of foods a customer might want to order in a restaurant. Use of such games allows an organization to scientifically assess whether your skills as a job applicant match what is required for the position, along with how you will benefit the organization.

Erik Brynjolfsson, an economist at MIT believes the use of video games by potential employers is likely to continue as “there is a huge amount of money to be made in matching people to their careers better”.

So keep leveling up as it might lead you to your dream job.

Prepare to Be Pranked by Old Spice

Source: Muscleandfitness.com
Old Spice has a way of combining dry wit with the latest developments in technology to bring their scent directly to their ideal audience. It’s worked out pretty well for them so far with their ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ TVC racking up 47 million views on YouTube.

Old Spice is now onto new development in prank websites, with an assortment of guy friendly products that should appeal to the male mind including: Solid Gold Bluetooth Headsets, Protein Cologne and Brodominiums (or purpose built condominums that have been built inside gyms). Off course it isn’t long before you’re redirected to a video advertisement featuring the always bare-chested and particularly buff Old Spice Man, also known as Isaiah Mustafa.

These new viral pranks present a clever way of reaching a somewhat difficult audience of males aged 18 – 30 who are not typically driven to purchase beauty products, but who are big consumers and sharers of viral content.

Burritos Take Over TV

imageChipotle, makers of specialist Mexican takeaways, are producing ‘Farmed and Dangerous’, an original four episode television series which will be available for download on web streaming service Hulu.

The series is being designed to raise awareness about ethical food sourcing and cultivation. “By making complex issues about food production more understandable—even entertaining—we are reaching people who have not typically been tuned into these types of issues”, said Mark Crumpacker, chief marketing and development officer at Chipotle.

If the initial four episodes are successful, Chipotle have stated they are open to producing more episodes, and we could potentially be seeing even more food companies try their hand at a different kind of production.

Play Fetch with Eukanuba Online

image Eukanuba’s Play Fetch is a unique Facebook application conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, that enables you to launch tennis balls anywhere in the world directly from your computer to dogs at Pets Haven Animal Shelter in Victoria, Australia.

For every play, Eukanuba donated 5 bowls of superior nutrition to the canines at Pets Haven to keep them thriving.  Dog lovers all over the world were invited to engage with a Facebook app that allows you to interact with the dogs at Pets Haven Animal Shelter, engaging them in a game of fetch via live video feed.  As well as the donation of 5 bowls of food for each play, an extra bowl was donated for every like or share on Facebook.

Almost 10,000 bowls of Eukanuba superior nutrition have been donated so far to these shelter dogs, but more is needed.  The goal is to earn 28,000 bowls of food, a year’s supply of dog food.

Eukanuba Play Fetch highlights how good nutrition, a balanced diet and crucial exercise are the key factors to promote the health and wellbeing for all dogs and of all ages.  Eukanuba is giving shelter dogs the best opportunity to not only be the best dog they can be, but also to find loving homes.

“We were very excited to launch this initiative because we know that in every shelter dog lies a top dog waiting to be unleashed. At Eukanuba, dogs are our passion and enhancing their health and wellbeing is at the heart of all we do.  Eukanuba Play Fetch offers Facebook fans from around Australia the opportunity to make an abandoned dog’s life that little bit better by throwing them a ball from the comfort of their home, and for doing so we will ensure that every like, share and play results in bowls of superior nutrition being donated to Pets Haven so that in 2014, all the dogs and cats in their care will be receiving the very best nutrition to help them also transform into a top dog or cat,” said Dr Danielle Bernal, the veterinarian for Eukanuba pet foods in Australia.

Read the full article at saatchi.com.

Toyota Collaborator

image Shopping for a car online is about to get seriously social. Toyota, and its advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi LA, partnered with Google and employed Joystick Interactive to create the Toyota Collaborator. While several automakers have online configurators, this is the first truly social, multi-user, collaborative configurator.

The social shopping application brings people together to configure a Toyota using the power of Google+ and Google Hangouts. While a user builds their all-new 2014 Corolla, they can invite friends in a Google Hangout to pick colors, add features – and even take a virtual test drive using Google Maps and Google Street View – all in real time.

Read more at saatchi.com

Unsnooze – The Game

imageNordic states have an issue with snoozing, especially in winter; at least, that is, according to a study by Philips. 82 percent of Norwegians confess to being snoozers, with other Nordic countries being represented by similar figures.

To encourage Nord’s and their neighbors to get out of bed, Philips developed, Unsnooze – The Game, for iOS, which turns getting out of bed into a competitive game.

Users set their alarm as they normally would, and compete again other players who have set their alarm for the same time. Those who turn off their alarm first win.

Outdoor Activation Celebrates MINIs


Source: Julian Morale/flickr

Drivers of the classic British car, MINI, are receiving a pat on the back from the company as they roam the streets on London. Drivers of the cars are being celebrated through an outdoor campaign that includes the use of digital screens along one of London’s main roads that flash messages directly to MINI drivers as they go passed. The messages that flash up –such as ‘Hey Cream MINI, what’s your secret?’ – appear as a result of software that recognizes the cars as they drive by, in addition to a team of MINI ‘spotters.’

At gas stations, MINI drivers are offered free treats – bacon sandwiches or smoothies in the morning, and a tank of fuel or a bunch of flowers in the evening. Drivers can opt to have their photos taken and displayed with a tailored message as they approach digital poster sites.


On Demand Football Pitch


Source: nikeblog.com

In the Spanish capital of Madrid, people are able to request Nike for a pop-up football pitch in six different city neighbours, as a part of a #mipista campaign. Players request a pitch using their smartphones, and once an order is placed, Nike specialists drive to the location with a laser system and crane and use laser beams to create an augmented football pitch where two teams of five can play.


Media Markt Brings Store Underground


Source: Media Markt/YouTube

Russian electronic retailer, Media Markt, has launched a mobile shopping display in a Moscow underground station. The 18-panel ‘shoppable wall’ display uses Near Field Communication (NFC) and QR codes to allow customers to shop the boards without the need for a special app. Consumers scan the an items on the ‘look-a-like’ shelves, and are redirected to Media Markt’s mobile site, where they can opt to pick the product up from a nearby store, or have it delivered for free to their home. Payment is made either in-store or with the store’s courier. To make it even easier for customers to explore the shopping display, free WiFi is being made available in the station.

McDonald’s Create Interactive Table

Source: youtube.com

McDonald Singapore has employed smartphones to turn a boring table into an interactive gaming experience for kids. The table, which uses NFC technology, invites children to hold a NFC-enable smartphone over the marked ‘start
point’ on a table, turning the table into a driving track. Kids can ‘ride’ along the track with their phones and collect points to receive various McDonald’s treats. 

To create the tables, NFC tags were placed on the underside of the table to create a virtual scaletrix track. Each tag activates a new different section of the happy road track, with animations, mini games, stories and more.




Source: creativity-online.com

More and more companies are using Vine to engage with consumers, including multinational conglomerate General Electric (GE) who is using the short-form video app to create #6SecondScience Fair series. The 6 second videos, which show the miracle of science, kicked off with an experiment that shows what happens when food coloring, dish soap, and milk are combined. The series will create and curate user-generated Vine videos, of science ‘experiments’ and will bring in Vine “celebrities” like Rudy Mancuso, Jordan Burt and Jethro Ames to help them out. So far, Vines have included one that shows the cells inside your hand, and one showing the chemical properties of your daily cup of coffee.

Ikea’s AR App Fits Furniture Into Your Home


Source: ikea.co.uk

No longer will customers need to take a tape measure to Ikea stores to know if its furniture will fit in their homes. Ikea have updated its 2014 catalogue app to include an augmented reality feature that lets customers see how a couch, rug, bedside table, or lamp will fit in a room. The app uses the print catalogue, placed on the floor, to judge the approximate scale of the catalogue’s products and the user’s real-life surroundings to create augmented reality images so they appear on the screen as if they were in a customer’s room, giving them an idea of whether it will fit and suit the room before purchasing.

Play Novalia’s Poster with Your Fingertips


Source: kickstarter.com/novalia

Gone are the days of the static, one-way communication based poster. UK-based start-up, Novalia, have developed a poster that acts like a touchscreen; producing different sounds when different parts of the poster are touched. The poster itself acts as a speaker. Novalia has have produced a Bluetooth version of their initial poster, for iPads and iPhones, which features a drum kit and places seven different drum sounds when hit.

The poster is just the prototype of the technology’s potential, says Novalia’s Kate Stone. “Packaging, greeting-card manufacturers, point-of-sale, bus-shelter advertising, books, newspapers—yes, you can touch a story in a newspaper and if you’ve got your smartphone with our app anywhere on your person it can automatically pick up the recording of the actual press conference.”


City Streetlight Project Spreads Residents Around the City

Source: springwise.com

8 August 2013: When Brazilian electricity company, AES Eletropaulo wanted to engage with the residents of São Paulo they took to the streets, using the city’s street lights to project messages submitted by the public.

The project, “Mensagen Que Brilham”, or Messages That Shine, uses street lights with specially fitted lenses to project stories of ‘streetlit moments’ sent in by residents around the city lights around the city. Each message was accompanied by the tagline “The best stories of life shared by our energy”, both showing the important role electricity plays in our lives and communicating the human side of the brand. 


Häagen-Dazs Uses Augmented Reality to Help ‘Temper’ Ice Cream

Source: multivu.com

7 August 2013: To ensure eaters wait for its ice cream to “temper”, Häagen-Dazs has launched the ‘Concerto Timer’ iOS app which features two-minute-long music concertos to entertain consumers while they wait for the ice cream to reach its ideal consistency and flavor.Once downloaded, the user simply needs to align their iPhone to any the Häagen-Dazs carton lid. The app recognizes the visuals on the lid and then launches a virtual violin performance of Bach’s Invention No. 14. The addition of a second carton reveals a cellist accompanying the violinist in a classic duet. The app is the first to integrate 3D Kinect technology and video data.

The Rise of the Virtual Showroom

Source: YouTube.com

As fewer Britons are buying cars, car manufacturers are moving away from traditional hard sell techniques typically used at showrooms and offering more opportunities to experiences vehicles before they buy – even encouraging online purchases.

As a result, the dealership experience has changed, with 80 percent of buyers saying they go to the dealership with all the information they need to buy a particular car, going instead for reassurance and to test drive a vehicle.

Martin Lay, head of Vauxhall brand at Vauxhall Motors, says: “We pioneered online purchasing years ago at Vauxhall: we sold few cars directly online because people still need to touch, feel and drive the product. So we would never route around the dealership experience. That is still important.”

As a response to this emerging trend, car manufacturers are developing their online experience. Audi launched Audi City virtual showrooms in London and Beijing, and plans to open an additional 20 around the globe by 2020. The virtual showroom shows the full range of models on wall-sized screens on which consumers can select their car and view a life-sized version.

Toyota, in collaboration with Google+, launched an online platform that allows would-be buyers to hold chats with friends and family as they discuss vehicles, choose design features and colors, and even connect with a local Toyota dealer to ask any questions.


Lexus Creates Films Out of Instagrams

19 July 2013: “Team One and Lexus created the first ad film ever made entirely out of Instagram photos. The stop motion film was directed by Jacob Rosenberg out of Bandito Brothers, with the photos coming from a “WordlWideInstameet” held by the photo site and Lexus on June 30. Each Instagrammer contributed at least one photo, filtered and styled however they liked.”

Read the full article on Creativity Online

Telecom Ultra Broadband ‘Waiting is Over’ from Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

17 July 2013: Telecom New Zealand has brought its new high-speed Ultra Broadband range to market in full force, with its newest ad campaign sweeping onto Kiwis’ TV screens this week.

The 60” spot, titled Waiting is Over, speaks to New Zealanders’ most loved uses for the Internet, and to our growing appetite for faster, more reliable connections. It captures a series of frozen moments, linked by their demand for unadulterated, ultra-fast broadband.

“Executionally it feels like Telecom at its absolute best,” says Antonio Navas - ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ. “We’re ecstatic that we’ve been able to bring such a great idea to life in such an impactful way.”

Read the full press release

BREAKFAST Creates Web-enabled Signpost


Source: springwise.com

11 July 2013: New York-based tech firm BREAKFAST have hurled the signpost into the 21st century, with ‘Points’, an interactive web-enabled sign post that provides dynamic direction, relevant information and local news. Design is based on the the traditional signpost, but instead of remaining static, information on the signage updates regularly and movable arms are able to point in the direction relevant to the information. ‘Points’ is adaptable for cities, as well as conferences, festivals and concerts and theme parks. 

Nike App Helps Designers Choose Sustainable Materials


Source: POPSOP.com

10 July 2013:A new iOS app by Nike helps designers choose more sustainable materials. Informed by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), MAKING providers users with information about the environment environmental performance of the materials designers and creators use in their work, such as silk, leather, wool, polypropylene and rayon-viscose, so that they can make more informed decisions about the materials they choose. The guide delivers information on the materials that are most used in the manufacturing of apparel and home goods. To provide information on how sustainable each material is, MAKING looks at the chemistry, energy/greenhouse gas intensity, water/land intensity and physical waste of each material. 

Planet Fitness Fights ‘Pintimidation’


Source: brandchannel.com

10 July 2013: Inspired by a TODAY study which found that 42% of woman surveyed suffered from “Pinterest stress” brought on by images of domestic perfection, Planet Fitness have launched a ‘No Pintimidation’ campaign. Planet Fitness, a gym known as the ‘Judgement Free Zone’, are encouraging users to upload images they find ‘pintimidating’ to nopintimiatdation.com and apply the ‘de-pintimidate’ filter to add silly phrases and graphics like cats and unicorns to the image. The user can then share the image on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. The campaign carries reinforces Planet Fitness’ attempts to reach out to people stressed by the many calls by society for perfection.

24 Hour Shoppable Window


Source: psfk.com

9 July 2013: To launch Kate Spade’s line of casual clothing, Saturday, the brand created 24-hour shoppable store windows in New York. The interactive storefronts featured a selection of the lines clothing and accessories. Using a large touch screen display, customers could browse the entire collection and get specific production information. Check-out requires entering a mobile number; a confirmation text is sent and following approval a messenger will deliver the selected purchase to New York locations within 24 hours. Payments of purchase happen upon delivery.

Brain Translates Hidden Message

5 July 2013: Knowing that bored, tired commuters often rest their heads against train windows, Sky Go created a ‘talking window’ that plays the rester a message only they can hear. Using ‘bone conductor’ technology, a small transmitter device was attached to train windows, which send out inaudible high-frequency vibrations. When a passenger rests their head against the window these vibrations are translated into sound by the brain allowing them to hear an otherwise silent promotional message.

Saatchi & Saatchi LA - The Digital Space Today Is A Wonderland


1 July 2013: At the 2013 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Saatchi & Saatchi LA was awarded Gold in the PR and Promo categories for its Toyota Tundra Space Shuttle Endeavour campaign.

ClickZ interviewed John Lisko, executive communications director, and Margaret Keene, executive creative director, at Saatchi & Saatchi LA during the festival to learn about the campaign and how they continue to help their clients connect with consumers in the digital age.

“The exciting thing… is that digitally and socially it’s becoming so artful as it progresses. So if you have a great idea, you have all these amazing platforms to make these beautiful pieces…you can create something gorgeous on Tumblr, you can create just a tiny little GIF on Cinemagram; there’s so many cool things that you can create. The more places to get your idea across in the most creative ways, the better. If you’re an idea-focused agency it’s just like a Wonderland,” says Keene.

Watch the video interview and read the full article on clickz.com


‘Screen Age Love Story’ Wins Gold

23 June 2013: Ace Saatchi & Saatchi Philippines won Gold, Silver and Bronze at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for a virtual love story campaign created for Philippine broadband provider PLDT. ‘Screen Age Love Story’ was a follow up to the highly successful viral campaign ‘Anna Banana’.

“... To win 5 Lions including two Gold Lions last night in notoriously competitive categories like Best Integrated campaign and Best Social Media campaign is a testimony to our wonderfully talented team at Ace Saatchi Saatchi and wonderful clients in PLDT,” said executive creative director Andrew Petch.

Read the full article at adobomagazine.com


Coca-Cola Unites Through Vending Machines


Source: fastcompany.com

19 June 2013: Coca-Cola have created vending machines that provide free drinks in exchange for interaction between people in India and Pakistan.

The Small World Machines are equipped with full-length webcams that allow participants to see each other and interact in real-time. The machines, built in Atlanta by The SuperGroup, were placed in malls in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India.

Participants could use the machine’s touch-screen interface to complete simple tasks, like touching hands or tracing peace signs or smiley faces with counterparts on the other end. Other activities include waving and dancing to each other through the machines. Once the tasks are successfully completed, participants were rewarded with a free can of Coke for their efforts. Coca-Cola awarded 10,000 cans of Coke during the March campaign.

Virtual Kisses


Source: tinaloves.com

17 June 2013: Google and Burberry have teamed up to send kisses around the world. With a visit to kiss.burberry.com, “unique kiss-detection technology” will detect the outline of puckered lips. Those using a touchscreen device can kiss their screens directly. Users then select a shade of Burberry lipstick to color their lips before sending the kiss in a virtual envelope via email or Google+. A real-time interactive map allows users to follow the journey of their kiss as it travels to the recipient. Once delivered, the kiss can continued to be shared through social media. Burberry’s chief creative

Adobe Photoshop Enables Real-Time Advertising

13 June 2013: Adobe turned waiting for the bus into a unique experience for Finnish pedestrians when they were added to bus stop advertising in real time thanks to Photoshop. As part of an Adobe Creative Initiative, Photoshop artist Erik Johansson installed a blank screen into the advertising space within a bus shelter. He then waited in a nearby van and took photos of waiting pedestrians. Using the photographs, Johansson placed the pedestrians into images, that when then projected into the screen, gave pedestrians the surprise of seeing themselves placed in fake movie advertising, or on-top of a wedding cake.

Dunkin’ on Vine


Source: digitaltrends.com

24 May 2013: Dunkin’ Donuts are running a competition where customers are invited to submit Vine videos that show how the entrant runs on Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee. Vine, Twitter’s short-form video app, lets users create 6 second videos that can be posted on Twitter.

Scott Hudler, vice president of global consumer engagement for Dunkin’ Brands, said that Dunkin’ Donuts “see Vine as an untapped resource that is in the beginning stages of its popularity.” Dunkin’ Donuts adopted Vine after seeing their customer’s use of the app; “We see an opportunity to like and comment on our guests’ videos and also to create our own Vine videos that are fun, engaging, and make people smile while they’re on-the-go,” explained Hudler.

Toyota’s Hidden Road Safety Campaign

23 May 2013: To help drivers in Peru understand the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, Toyota created a print campaign that’s full message could not be understood without a mobile device. The print ads feature a clear obstacle in the middle of the road, but when viewed through a smartphone the image disappears and displays the message ‘When you use your smartphone, you can’t really see what’s on the road’.

The obstacles wore QR codes, which when scanned enabled the download of an augmented reality app ‘QR Road App’ that makes caused the full message to be revealed. The app was downloaded 120,000 times, placing it among the top 20 most successful apps in Peruvian history.

Screens to Shop With


Source: contagious.com

17 May 2013: A number of companies around the world are utilizing the interactivity of screens on the Path to Purchase. In Brazil, to inspire shoppers with new ideas on how to cook with mayonnaise, Hellman’s has released the Hellmann’s Recipe Cart. The supermarket cart features a screen that recognizes ingredients on the shelf and instantly suggests a new recipe for Hellman’s that incorporates those ingredients. If a shopper decides to make the recipe, a map helps them find the remaining ingredients in-store, and lets them share the recipe with friends.

In South Korea, retail warehouse Emart created a mobile app that directs shoppers to the location of discounted products throughout its store. Information is received through LED-lighting that sends signals to a smartphone through special lenses installed on the shopping cart. By installing the special Emart app, shoppers can learn where they are in the store and helps navigate them to where they should go. When the shopper arrives at the product, the smartphone communicated with the lighting and shows a discount coupon. 

Integrating Print and Digital


Source: independent.co.uk

15 May 2013: The Independent has become the first newspaper in the world to bring their print production into the digital age with the use of a ‘fully integrated’ augmented reality feature using the Blippar app. Print articles that appear with an Independent+ icon offer further content in audio and video formats that users can access using the camera on their smart phones. The paper’s managing director, Zach Lenoard said that, “The launch of Independent+ highlights [the Independent’s] continued investment in digital innovation, adding even more value and another new dimension to the Independent’s content.” While Blippar head of media explains that app has, “the ability to instantaneously take the reader from the page to a deeper, more engaging online news experience”.

Printed Wi-Fi


Source: springwise

14 May 2013: Microsoft has placed a Wi-Fi enabled print ad in a special edition of Forbes magazine to promote its new cloud-based Office 365 software. The ad consisted of four back-to-back pages with an ultra-thin router and battery placed in-between. Once activated, the ad could provide up to four users with 15-days free internet, courtesy of T-Mobile. Although the battery only allowed for two to three hours of power, a flap in the ad allowed for users to plug in a mini USB cable to gain extra charge.

Atom Sized Film

9 May 2013: IBM have made ‘the world’s smallest movie’, using a using a special microscope they invented to move atoms around on a surface. The movie titled, “A Boy and His Atom,” is a rudimentary stop-motion animation made by IBM scientists.

The film consists of 250 frames and shows a boy playing and dancing with an atom. The film is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes clip about the research and technology the company has done on the nanoscale in past decades. IBM researchers have shown that while today’s electronic devices need roughly 1 million atoms to store a single bit of data, only 12 atoms are actually needed to store one bit. Meaning that one day enormous amounts of data could be stored on devices as small as a fingernail.

Cups That Creates Instant Friends

7 May 2013: Budweiser Brazil has created a cup that speeds up making friends over a pint by instantly making them friends on Facebook. The Budweiser “Buddy Cup” is embedded with a chip integrated with Facebook. When someone arrives at a Budweiser event they connect their Facebook profile with a Buddy Cup; and when two Buddy Cup users clink their cups together they automatically become Facebook friends.

Look Away to Pause


Source: Cube26.com

22 April 2013: No need to worry about missing a moment on YouTube if your attention gets called elsewhere. ‘Look Away’ is a new Apple app that will pause your YouTube clip when you look away from the screen, turning it back on when your gaze returns. The app also allows you to mute a video simply by telling it to ‘shhh.’ It’s the equivalent of hands-free remote control and may become the norm for how we control our viewing of media.

Google Glasses


Source: Reuters

19 April 2013: Google has sent out a beta version of its Google Glasses to a select group of people. The ‘glasses’ (there aren’t actually any lenses) are part of a new generation of wearable technology that allows the user to communicate with friends, search the internet, and check emails wherever you are. The difference between Google Glasses and your mobile device is that you’re wearing it and interacting with the web via a head-mounted display.

The glasses have already been featured on the runway in Diane von Furstenberg’s 2012 fashion show, and companies like Warby Parker and Ray Bans are hoping to collaborate with Google to create fashionable frames to go along with the device. The glasses are expected to become available to the public in 2014.

Crowdsourcing “Veronica Mars”


Source: Kickstarter.com

18 April 2013: The TV series Veronica Mars ended after just three seasons in 2007, but a passionate fan following will see it revived as a feature film through the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. Series creator, Rob Thomas, wrote a movie based on the show shortly after it finished, and Warner Bros. agreed to back the film if there was sufficient fan support.

Thomas and the series’ original cast used Kickstarter to get fans to pledge toward their $2 million goal, and reached in just two days. To date the project has successfully raised $5.7 million, with a total of 91,585 backers; becoming the Kickstarter with the most backers and the highest-funded movie on the crowdsourcing site.

The movie is set to be released in 2014 with many backers already set to attend the premier, becoming featured extra in the film, and one lucky backer getting a small speaking role in the film.


58% Bank On Mobile


Source: Techvert.com

15 April: A report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, InMobi, and Viggle, reveals that 58% of consumers now use their bank’s mobile app; 8% higher than those using a bank’s mobile website. The report also showed that people are using their smartphones to make different kinds of payments including paying bills; purchasing real-world services, such as meals or drinks via a pre-paid card on the phone; buying tickets to events and for travel; and paying back friends and family.

Wi-Fi Movie Poster

12 April 2013: The traditional movie poster has been reinvented thanks to Wi-Fi. Movie posters promoting the South Korean film, The Berlin File, provided pedestrians with free wireless connectivity that enabled them to access trailers and provided the chance to purchase cinema tickets. Using wireless-enabled devices attached to the billboards holding posters for the movie, commuters who stood next to the posters received a free wireless connection that automatically loaded details about the film when clicked. As a result, wireless users accounted for a 28.5% increase in traffic on the film’s website and those users stayed five times longer than standard visitors.

Instagram to Receive Recipes

11 April 2013: The rise of visual social media has certainly increased the chances of seeing what your friends have had to eat. Now one company in Sweden is hoping to capitalize on this trend by sending instructions on how to prepare the dishes featured in the photos. CT Food, an Asian food supplier, is encouraging customers to use Instagram to take pictures of their restaurant Asian meals in order to receive instructions on how to prepare them at home and tips on how to use the ingredients. CT Food believes that it can create value for its customers through “education and skills.” Users simply address any cooking questions and food photos on Twitter to @askctfood.

Content Makes This Golden Age of TV: Barnhill

8 April 2013: Durk Barnhill, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New York, discusses the power of storytelling and effective content marketing, and their roles in television’s increasing popularity, on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop”.

Sak’s Helps Employees Eat Healthy


Source: WellBeSolutions.com

5 April 2013: Sak’s Fifth Avenue has partnered with LocalSqr – a company whose app aims to encourage healthy eating by promoting locally grown food – as part of the company’s employee wellbeing program. In the program, each Sak’s employee will receive a weekly email providing them with nutritional advice and healthy recipes. Employees are also given challenges, asked to keep a food diary and encouraged to use the app whenever possible. The program was tested on a pilot group of 165 employees; of those, 52% had cooked at home more and 57% had purchased food from local markets. The partnership’s success will see the luxury retail store spread the initiative to all its 11,000 employees nationwide.

The Rise of the Second Screen


Source: Pocket-Lint.com

2 April 2013: The more screens you have, the more likely you are to engage in media multitasking, according to a study by the Time Warner Medialab. 52% of people are likely to use computers and televisions simultaneously, and this figure increases to 60% for those with a smartphone, television and computer. 64% of those who own four screens or more use social media while watching TV. 60% of US residents are expected to own smartphones by 2016, boosting the concept of ‘Social TV’ (using your second screen to interact on social networks while watching TV).

Day and Night Smartphone Use


Source: mnn.com

25 March 2013: A recent study by Arbitron Mobile shows what activities dominate smartphone day/night time usage. The analysis shows that prime time on television is used for playing games and using social media; whereas daytime use is primarily used for voice calls, messaging, browsing, social networking and gaming. The study also showed that average time spent on smartphone devices is fairly consistent through the day. The findings are consistent with prior research indicating that mobile use surges in the morning as people check things like weather and traffic, and in the evening when they use their devices as second screens while watching television or leisure activities like gaming.

Farmageddon: The World’s First Online Drought Hits Farmerama


22 March 2013: Everything was fine until the 22nd March 2013, when the drought disaster hit more than 45 million online farmers around the world who opened their accounts on Farmerama. The fields are dry, the grass is brown, the animals’ tongues are hanging out for lack of water, and every farm is a catastrophe. Everything that was carefully planted and long cultivated and cared for has fallen victim to the first online global drought. What now?

The initiative by Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt for World Water Day aims to help the UN Water and the Ending Hunger Movement of FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) call attention to water scarcity and the problems of real life farmers around the world. Online farmers are given the choice to carry on playing, or to help end the virtual drought by passing on the message or making a donation for low-cost pumps, water tanks, tubing and other supplies for poor farmers.

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#DammiPiùVoce: Turn Up My Voice


11 March 2013: On http://www.coordown.it, 50 people with Down syndrome asked 50 celebrities for a particular donation. Not money: they asked for a video. A video in which those celebrities ask the public to support the rights of people with Down Syndrome through a donation, thus amplifying their voices.  A video that, if shared by the celebrities on their social networks, would have more chance of being listened to.

Every person has asked his or her idol to donate a video: Luca asked Tiziano Ferro, Giacono asked Francesco Totti, Sara asked Fiorello, Andrea asked Sharon Stone…why not dream? The goal is to reach March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, with the highest number of celebrity videos donated. You can follow the campaign on twitter.com/coordown and facebook.com/coordown.

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Lexus Moves into Movies


Source: Lexus-Global.com

4 March 2013: Lexus and Weinstein Company are partnering to launch five short-films this year. Each 3 - 6 minute film will be by different international amateur directors and will be based on the theme “Life is Amazing.” Like feature films, these shorts will be played around the world before they are placed on the dedicated website, www.LexusShortFilms.com. To promote the films, Lexus plans to focus on its social media platforms. “We have a big Twitter and Facebook fan base, but also we get about 20 million visitors per year on lexus.com and have the ability to rotate promotions there,” says Brian Bolain, Lexus’ national manager of marketing strategy. 

Telecom Ad Series To Offer Tech Tips

23 February 2013: A creative initiative by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and Telecom New Zealand, ““Tech in a Sec” is a multimedia campaign with TV ads directing customers to online clips that address the most commonly asked questions from its website.”

Read the full article at The New Zealand Herald

Own Your Own Subway Virtual Store


Source: psfk.com

21 February 2013: A Subway online promotion gives participants the opportunity to run their own virtual Subway store. The ‘Build Your Own Virtual Restaurant Challenge’ gives young entrepreneurs around the world the chance to get a taste for running their own business. Participants are set a series of tasks typical of Subway stores, including choosing a store location, producing promotional videos and copy, being interviewed by the head of global development, and driving customer traffic to boost their leaderboard ranking by spreading the word through social media. The top five finalists will be flown to the US to meet Subway’s CEO and global executive team.

KLM’s Personalized Maps

Source: youtube.com

20 February 2013: Dutch airline KLM wants to make your travel experience as personalized and unique as possible by helping you creating a bespoke sight-seers map for your next holiday. The website http://mustseemap.klm.com>http://mustseemap.klm.com enables you to select a destination and invite friends to contribute tips and provide their best recommendations. It takes three week to produce, but KLM will send a physical copy of your map, with all the tips included.

Lexus Blends-Out


Source: Saatchi.com

For the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Lexus and Team One combined mobile and print to create an interactive experience based on the idea that some things can’t be blended into the background. “Blend Out” allows readers to use their mobile phones to view videos of swimsuit models walking on the page. In the ad, three models are camouflaged within the scene; in order to reveal the models, readers can scan a QR code or go to LexusBlendOut.com with their smartphones. When they place their phones on the page, the models come to life, walking out from the background and revealing themselves in their swimsuits.

Tide Takes #2 Spot in Super Bowl Ad Meter

7 February 2013: Tide’s Super Bowl Commercial, “Miracle Stain,” was rated the second best ad of the weekend’s big game in USA Today‘s prestigious Ad Meter poll.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, the :60 spot tells the story of the miraculous appearance of a shirt stain in the likeness of Joe Montana.

The commercial debuted with much fanfare and delight in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. “Miracle Stain” has garnered phenomenal press coverage and sits at the top of many “top Super Bowl ad” lists - including Ad Age, Creativity, Forbes and The New York Times.

‘Genie’ Kaley Cuoco Grants Wishes in All-New Toyota RAV4 Commercial

1 February 2013: Embodying the modern, stylish and smart characteristics of the all-new RAV4, Toyota’s new “Wish Granted” commercial starring Kaley Cuoco will make its broadcast debut on February 3. The star of CBS hit show “The Big Bang Theory” will appear granting the wishes of a family in unexpected and creative ways during one of the biggest sporting and advertising events of the year. Cuoco’s comedic chops made her a perfect partner in bringing the RAV4 Genie character to life.

“The all-new RAV4 is a testament to the people that drive it and live lifestyles that are full of energy and enthusiasm, which is one of the reasons we are so pumped to work with Kaley to showcase it,” said Jack Hollis, Vice President of Toyota Division Marketing at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “We wanted to share Toyota’s ‘Let’s Go Places’ spirit of journey with viewers of the big game in a light and relatable way.”

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Investing In Mobile Start-Ups To Reconnect


Source: vulturebeast.com

22 January 2013: Consumers spend more than 23% of their daily media consumption on their mobile devices, yet markets dedicate less than 1% of their media spend to mobile. To re-engage with customers Mondelēz International – the makers of Cadbury, Oreo and Trident – is following in the footsteps of Unilever, Nike and Lexus to create mobile innovation around their brands. Mondelēz is investing in mobile start-ups it hopes will bring game-changing innovation to the company as well as gaining new application specifically for its business. Called Mobile Future, Mondelēz has attached nine start-ups to its most well-known brands in the hopes of launching one or two mobile-focused tech companies out of the process. 

One particular challenge the start-ups are supposed to tackle is the fact that in-store marketing promotions find audiences more and more difficult to connect to. “Before the iPhone,” a Mondelēz spokeswoman told Marketing Week, “consumers would shop aisles focused on the task at hand or stand in line and look up at product displays near the register. Now the vast majority of consumers are absorbed with their phones, distracting them from in-store point-of-sale displays.”


An App To Curbing The Wine Habits Of Scotland’s Women


Source: dailymail.co.uk

17 January 2013: In an effort to curb the drinking habits of Scotland’s women, Scottish health officials have released an app aimed at reducing the incidents of alcohol-related illness and death amongst Scottish women. Playing on the human tendency towards vanity, the app shows women how much older they’ll look in ten years’ time if they drink 10 or more glasses of wine per week. The Drinking Mirror app snaps a picture of the users face and asks how many 175ml glasses of wine they drink every week. If the user drinks between one and five glasses of wine per week, the app morphs your face into a reddened and pudgier version of your current self. Drink six glasses or more and the app will make you look like a bona-fided alcoholic, with a bright red nose, sagging jowls and bloodshot eyes.

Trend: Phablets Are The New Normal


Source: tabtimes.com

15 January 2013: Phablets (phone-cum-tablet) are increasingly becoming the mobile norm. The trend of larger screened phones can be seen in every smart phone manufacturer from Samsung’s 5.3 inch device, to the iPhone 5’s 4 inch screen. And the phones are getting bigger for a reason, the way we use these devices is changing – smart phones are turning into tablets, allowing them to be used for more functions – internet shopping, messaging, streaming. As Natasha Lomas of TechCrunch said, ‘this is technology evolution in action’.

Televisions Still Domination Media Consumption


Source: Nielsen

14 January 2013: On average American’s spend six days (or 144 hours) per month watching TV; and of the 289 million TV owners, 119 million own four or more televisions – making TV’s the device to beat when it comes to media engagement. Internet usage follows close behind with 212 million active users, spending comparably less time online at 28.5 hours per month online; while online, 20% of time was spent using social networking sites. Feature mobile phones ownership has declined significantly, from 82% ownership in 2009 to 44% in 2012. Of those 56% who own a smart phone 78% use their phones to find a store, 63% check prices, while 22% comment on purchases. Of those TV households 16% own a tablet device, and surprisingly 55% of users still own a VCR!

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine Accepts Carols For Payment


Source: designtaxi.com

14 January 2013: In the latest incarnation of Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine, passing Swedes were able to sing a Christmas carol in exchange for a Coke. The vending machine was specially made to incorporate speakers, a karaoke machine, two microphones and Christmas carols so that brave individuals and friends could sing-a-long too well known Christmas carols. The machine helped Coke to engage with its customer, while spreading fun and Christmas cheer. A previous Happiness Machine took hugs as payment for Cokes.

Lenovo Launches Resolution Sharing on Facebook

image With Lenovo setting itself apart as the brand for ‘doers’, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore worked with the PC manufacturer to unveil an app that allowed users to share their 2013 New Year’s resolutions on a global wall. Users were able to see their friend’s resolutions and encourage them to achieve their goals.

Mobile App That Lets Shoppers Skip The Checkout Line


Scorce: facebook/Q-Thru

19 December 2012: Q-Thru is a new app that allows shoppers to shop, scan and buy their items on their smartphones, avoiding checkout lanes altogether! Once a retailer has signed up, customers can download the Q-Thru smartphone app, input their credit card information and start shopping – scanning items’ barcodes as they go along. Q-Thru’s software allows for a retailer’s products and pricing to be seamlessly synchronized with the secure and fully PCI-compliant Q-Thru cloud. Plus, shoppers can view in-store specials and a product’s nutritional information as they shop. To complete their shopping experience up, a customer just needs to enter a passcode, scan a QR code, and show their mobile receipt to a store employee at the door.

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Transforms Honda Fit Twist Into Mixing Deck

7 December 2012: Launched at the last Auto Salon in São Paulo, the new Honda Fit Twist was designed exclusively for Brazil, and is now presented to consumers in a campaign uniting music, technology and electronic music icons N.A.S.A. 

In the innovative new ‘Drivemixer’ campaign, conceived by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, the Honda Fit Twist was transformed into a professional mixer, enabling N.A.S.A. (AKA L.A. based Squeak E. Clean and Brazilian DJ Zegon), to create a new track using the Honda as a musical instrument.  The car was turned into a keyboard module, and all the elements in the track composed by Squeak E. Clean (Sam Spiegel) and DJ Zegon (Zé Gonzales) were triggered by features transformed in the car.  The result is this video (see above) that presents to N.A.S.A. fans the unpublished song “Overdrive”, composed by the duo inside the Honda Fit Twist, with the special participation of Derrick Green, Sepultura’s vocalist.

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New CinePrint Technology Puts Lexus Print Ad in Motion


26 November 2012: Team One continues to play and experiment with traditional advertising. Using a Lexus ES Sports Illustrated print ad with an iPad screen, the industry first transforms a static ad into moving video. With CinePrint(TM), the seemingly standard ad is converted into a full-fledged digital experience.

After placing the iPad underneath the ad, the static image comes to life - the sky flashes and pulsates with a brilliant color before exploding to the beat of the music and the engine revs as the car begins driving through the night. While most traditional mash-ups redirect to a digital experience, Team One was able to create a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch all within the print advertisement.

To experience the ad first hand, find the Lexus ad in the October 15 print edition of Sports Illustrated. Or watch the demo video to see for yourself: www.Lexus.com/stunning

Guinness Storehouse’s High-Tech Experience


Source: popsop.com

29 October 2012: Guinness is increasing its attractions at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin with a multi-million pound expansion that will allow visitors to discover more about the brand and its origins. Located on the fourth-floor of the building, the ‘Guinness Global’ experience includes the Guinness Community Map which enables people to explore a global view of Guinness around the world on one of the world’s largest interactive screens. Visitors will also be able to post messages from the Storehouse, leave messages from Facebook and link with their local Guinness Facebook community.

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney’s Virtual Meritocracy


23 October 2012: “Keen to get your foot in the door at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney? As any young creative knows, one of the biggest challenges is cracking that door open. But aspiring creatives can now go inside the Sydney branch after it claimed to be the first agency in the world to team up with Google to create Saatchi Street View. Head into the virtual agency, search for and respond to a hidden brief, and those with the best ideas get a chance to win an internship at the Sydney agency.”

Read full article at stoppress.co.nz

McDonald’s China Brings Angry Birds Into Restaurants


Source: gamerchica.com

22 October 2012: McDonald’s China and Rovio are providing patrons of select McDonald’s restaurants the opportunity to unlock hidden modes, stages and power-ups in Angry Birds if they are playing the popular game whilst grabbing a bite to eat in-store. Different McDonald’s outlets around China will a varied different in-game features. Players of Angry Birds will also be able to vote for their favorite McDonald’s brand in China, with the location with the most votes receiving a gigantic slingshot attached to its golden arches.

Trident Fresh Motivates Pet Shop Choir for Freshness

19 October 2012: “Pet Shop”, the new campaign for Trident Fresh, created by F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and produced by Stink São Paulo, goes beyond traditional flavour attributes and proposes a fresh mental renewal to its consumers.

The film shows a young man patiently waiting for his dog’s grooming session to end. Clearly there could not be a more monotonous moment imaginable. However, as he begins to chew a piece of Trident Fresh he observes a totally new reality.

“We wanted to evoke the sensation of a renewed routine. So we transformed a daily situation into something provocative and different.” Says Eduardo Lima, Creative Director of F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Tide Asks NFL Fans to Show Their Colors


Source: facebook.com/Tide

12 October 2012: Procter & Gamble’s Tide is asking NFL fans to wear their favorite team’s colors in its latest effort to reach out to football fans across America. Through the ‘Show Us Your Colors’ campaign, people can visit Tide’s Facebook page and upload photos of themselves to be in to win tickets to the most anticipated football event of the season - the Super Bowl XLVII. In addition, the NFL team that receives the most fan photos at the end of the campaign will be given $15,000 by Tide to donate to the charity of their choice.

Saatchi & Saatchi Launches Magicians for The European Tour

28 September 2012: Saatchi & Saatchi London launches “Magicians”, the next exciting new spot in the globally successful “Every Shot Imaginable” campaign for The European Tour. This time, the ad pairs the unique talents of world-famous golfers against the skill of a well-known magician, DMC.

The four-minute long online film will break on YouTube on Tuesday, featuring golfing legends such as Jose Maria Olazàbal and Paul Lawrie being wowed by the magician’s tricks, which include catching a golf ball that is fired at point blank range by Lawrie, and crushing another ball to dust with his bare hands.

In turn, DMC is stunned by the golfers’ own magic feats - playing bunker shots blindfolded, and hitting perfect drives using the wrong side of the club.

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Kellogg’s Opens Tweet Shop


Source: dailymail.co.uk

27 September 2012: In conjunction with the launch of its Special K Cracker Crisps in the UK, Kellogg’s is offering free treats in exchange for tweets that use the hashtag #tweetshop. At Special K’s pop up shop (christened The Tweet Shop) in London, people can drop by and pay for a packet of Cracker Crisps by tweeting one of three tweets prescribed by Kellogg’s, or opt to post one of their own.

“The value of positive endorsements on social-media sites is beyond compare, so we’re excited to be the first company to literally use social currency instead of financial currency to launch this new product in our bespoke Special K shop,” said Sarah Case, brand manager for Special K in an article on brandchannel.com.

Tesco’s Virtual Supermarket

19 September 2012: British retailer, Tesco, in partnership with Keytree, has given shoppers a preview of how they can expect to shop in the future with a virtual supermarket dubbed “Store Trek”. In this virtual store, shoppers will be able to walk down supermarket aisles and place items into their basket - all without leaving the comfort of their home. Once shopping complete, customers can arrange for the items to be delivered.

ASB Teams Up With Spotify to Create Official Olympic Soundtrack


Source: saatchi.com

10 August 2012: ASB bank, New Zealand’s most socially active bank, has partnered with music streaming service Spotify to create a soundtrack to the Olympics.

“As the official and exclusive bank of the NZ Olympic team, with one of the largest active Facebook communities in NZ, we wanted to create something special to show our support for our athletes in London,” says Anna Curzon, GM of Brand Experience and Digital Channels.

“We wanted a fun activity that would capture everyone’s passionate support for our hard working team.”

The Moodulator app, developed by Saatchi & Saatchi, shares regular updates from London 2012 and invites Facebook members to record their reaction to the news using a series of sliders which gauge emotions such as pride, happiness and excitement.

Moodulator then links with Spotify, a music streaming service which suggests a music track that accurately reflects their emotions. Alternative mood tracks can also be searched and selected, and sharing is encouraged with the opportunity to win VIP tickets to Rhythm & Vines music festival as well as Premium Spotify.

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Guinness ‘Paint the Town Black’

20 August 2012: Diageo, owner of GUINNESS®, has unveiled a new global advert to launch the iconic beer brand’s annual Arthur’s Day celebrations. The new creative entitled ‘Paint The Town Black’ was previewed exclusively on the GUINNESS Facebook page from 16th August and had its global TV premiere in Ireland on 19th August.

The ad itself is inspired by the spirit of Arthur’s Day, an annual music event since 2009 that celebrates the founder of GUINNESS, Arthur Guinness, a man made of more. In its fourth year, 55 different countries around the world will embrace Arthur’s Day. The events take place on Thursday 27th September and Great Britain will be involved with the celebrations.

Paint The Town Black, provides fans of ‘the black stuff’ with another highly anticipated and cinematic masterpiece. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and director Daniel Wolfe, GUINNESS’s latest advert sees a sleepy village prepare for an extraordinary celebration, as people come together and begin to paint everything with a black distinctive liquid, before raising a pint to Arthur Guinness. Read the full press release

The Rise of Visual Social Media


Images: forbes.com

28 August 2012: A study by ROI Research recently found that people were more likely to engage with brands that posted pictures on social media, and if the sheer numbers of photos on Instagram (4 billion as of July) and Facebook (300 million photos uploaded every day) are anything to go by, the power of the image is taking center stage.

“Pictures have…become a short form way of communicating lots of information quickly and succinctly,” Detavio Samuals, EVP and Director of Client Services at GlobalHue, said to Fast Company. “The need for publishers to get to the point quicker than ever came about as humans became more pressed for time and content became more infinite. For publishers, it was evolve or risk losing their audience, and the only thing shorter than a tweet or post is a picture.”

The 5 Characteristics of Winning Ads


Image: Pete Seaward/CORBIS

22 August 2012: The challenge for advertising today is twofold - brands need to get the attention of audiences and create messages that resonate with viewers. With an average of 38 television commercials aired every minute on national television across America, creating memorable television ads not only leads to higher rates of recall, but contributes to increased sharing through word-of-mouth, both offline and online.

A recent analysis by research company Nielsen highlighted five characteristics of successful, memorable television ads. To win on screen TVCs need to be humorous, have characters that viewers identify with, use storytelling, create conversation and develop emotional connections. “...Nothing helps consumers feel connected to an ad like a good laugh, tugging at the heart strings or connecting with them on a personal level,” said Joe Stagaman, EVP, Advertising Effectiveness Analytics for Nielsen.

Guinness Launches New Global Ad for 2012 Arthurs Day Celebrations

20 August 2012: Diageo, owner of GUINNESS®, has unveiled a new global advert to launch the iconic beer brand’s annual Arthur’s Day celebrations. The new creative entitled ‘Paint The Town Black’ was previewed exclusively on the GUINNESS Facebook page from 16th August and had its global TV premiere in Ireland on 19th August.

The ad itself is inspired by the spirit of Arthur’s Day, an annual music event since 2009 that celebrates the founder of GUINNESS, Arthur Guinness, a man made of more. In its fourth year, 55 different countries around the world will embrace Arthur’s Day. The events take place on Thursday 27th September and Great Britain will be involved with the celebrations.

Paint The Town Black, provides fans of ‘the black stuff’ with another highly anticipated and cinematic masterpiece. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi and director Daniel Wolfe, GUINNESS’s latest advert sees a sleepy village prepare for an extraordinary celebration, as people come together and begin to paint everything with a black distinctive liquid, before raising a pint to Arthur Guinness.

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Toyota GT86 ‘The Real Deal’

17 August 2012: Toyota is launching a multi-million pound advertising campaign for its GT86 sports model. The “Real Deal” campaign, created by Saatchi & Saatchi London, celebrates Toyota’s return to its sports car heritage and reflects the rave reviews the GT86 has received* for offering an exhilarating, authentic driving experience.

Launching on 17th August with a 60 second TV spot, the “Real Deal” dramatises the story of a CGi man who has become tired of living in a superficial, artificial world. A 90 second edit will be seeded online with prominent automotive and entertainment blogs, and Youtube masthead and pre-roll activity will follow. Cinema spots are planned to coincide with the release of the new James Bond film, Skyfall.

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Retailers Connect With Teens Through Text


Source: time.com

03 August 2012: Marketing through text message is becoming a popular way for trendy retailers to engage a younger audience as the usage of smartphones increases. According to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, one quarter of teens 12 to 17 have a smartphone and predominantly use their mobiles to connect with friends on social networking sites. According to the an article in the Wall Street Journal, youth brands like Charlotte Russe, Claire’s Boutique and Vans have experienced higher rates of response using rich content delivered through mobile phone than more conventional email marketing.

Automotive Retail Goes Mobile


Source: caranddriver.com

30 July 2012: As online retail gains popularity, people are becoming more comfortable with making bigger purchases on the go. Mobile shopping is quickly becoming the norm so much so that British consumers have taken to buying cars via smartphones.

“Despite the economic climate still looking grim, nearly 45,000 vehicles were bought on eBay via a smartphone in the first three months of this year alone. This accounts for almost £70m worth of purchases,” writes Petra Jung, head of mobile shopping for eBay UK, in the Guardian. This trend is not something eBay expects to die out anytime soon and the internet retailer has responded by launching an iPhone app dedicated to the buying and selling of motor vehicles and accessories.

Slipknot Launches First-Ever App Featuring New Faces for Fans

26 July 2012: Slipknot is proud to announce today the launch of the band’s first ever digital app across Mac iOS and Android platforms, simultaneous with the release of their first ever Best Of compilation, Antennas To Hell.

Appropriately entitled “Slipknot: Wear the Mask,” the app is as much about the fans as it is the band.  The point is for fans to learn something about themselves through Slipknot’s unique perspective and lens. “Wear The Mask” has social, gameplay, and photography aspects, but it is not any one of those things exclusively.

...Saatchi & Saatchi NY’s Chief Creative Officer Con Williamson adds: “Slipknot’s Facebook presence alone is over 12 million fans, so we wanted to create a way to give each one of those people an individual experience with the band.  “Wear the Mask” is an engaging, layered and multi-faceted way to do that. Fans will discover an app that’s complicated, disturbing, challenging and fresh, and really true to their core. This will allow them to keep finding new ways to get even more lost in the awesome world of Slipknot.”

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Lenovo Seize the Night Film Your Own Ending Competition


28 June 2012: Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY), the world’s #2 PC maker, and Ideas United, the creators of Campus MovieFest (CMF), today announced the launch of the “Seize the Night” Film Your Own Ending Competition. The competition tasks student filmmakers from around the globe to create alternate endings to Lenovo’s acclaimed “Seize the Night” ad supporting the company’s recent Ultrabook “Book of Do” advertising campaign.

“We created the ‘Seize the Night’ spot to set our latest Ultrabook devices apart from others by focusing on how our technology enables people to do amazing things,” said David Roman, chief marketing officer, Lenovo. “Creativity is everywhere, and the Film Your Own Ending competition recognizes the collective talent and ingenuity of the global student filmmaker community that Campus MovieFest has cultivated. We’re prepared to be astounded at what this community brings to life.”

Read the full press release

Lenovo ‘Seize the Night’

8 June 2012: Saatchi & Saatchi New York have created an integrated campaign, anchored by a five minute short-film, “Seize the Night,” to showcase the heralded new Ultrabook laptop that combines the necessary functionality of a traditional computer and a youthful, chic design.

Filmed in Stockholm and shot like an actual movie, the short-film takes viewers on the fast-paced, covert journey of a group of friends, while poignantly emphasizing Ultrabook’s sleek, portable and sophisticated design at every turn.  The friends use the Ultrabook to coordinate the planning of a secret mission that is ultimately revealed to viewers at the end of the film.

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Tom Eslinger: Cannes Lions Preview


07 June 2012: Tom Eslinger, Saatchi & Saatchi’s Worldwide Digital Creative Director and President of the inaugural Mobile Lion jury at this year’s Cannes Lions festival, speaks to Contagious magazine about what makes a great mobile campaign and what competition exists between large agencies and smaller digital shops.

Contagious: You’ve recently been working on setting up the first mobile jury with Cannes Lions. What are the challenges of identifying the unique value of mobile when it so often forms part of an integrated campaign?

The big challenge is going to be ‘Why’? With mobile already being blended into so many ideas, I always ask ‘why is it on the device and why did it get made in the first place?’ We need to find high utility, appropriateness for the medium and above all, a killer idea that makes it relevant and rocking. The technology and innovation that make mobile such a fun space to play can also sometimes be a trap. The idea’s gotta rock just as much as the tech.

Read the full article at contagiousmagazine.com

SME Digital Award Success for Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi


21 May 2012: Badillo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Puerto Rico, garnered five awards in five categories (1 Gold, 4 Silver) at the Puerto Rico Sales & Marketing Executives Association’s SME Digital Awards competition held May 16 in San Juan. The agency’s “A Bullet Follows You” digitally led social media campaign for United Way (Fondos Unidos de Puerto Rico), which was the Grand Prix winner at Cúspide, won Gold in the Business Intelligence category and Silver awards in Social Media Integration, Innovation, Digital Integration in a Non Profit Campaign and Digitally Led Integrated Campaign.

Read the full press release.

James Brown - A Music Video Challenge presented by Saatchi & Saatchi


17 May 2012: In an unprecedented collaboration between Saatchi & Saatchi, Genero.tv, BUG Music Videos and Universal Music Enterprises (UMe), the music of James Brown will be brought to the attention of a whole new generation through the art of filmmaking.

Saatchi & Saatchi is throwing down the gauntlet to the international filmmaking community by creating a challenge to bring to life some of the most significant tracks of the ‘Godfather of Soul’ in the form of a music video: Sex Machine, Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag, It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World, and Try Me.  Following the success of last year’s Moby competition, Saatchi & Saatchi wanted to bring a new twist to this year’s competition by working with a legendary artist who has influenced and crossed many generations.

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Harrods’ Windows Get Dressed With Pinterest

16 May 2012: To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, UK luxury department store Harrods launched a competition on Pinterest that saw one of their famous window displays decorated in the style of the winning Pinterest board. The retailer encouraging fans to get creative and pin their Jubilee inspired images onto a mood board and then tweet a link of their creations to @HarrodsofLondon using the hashtag #HarrodsWindows. See the selected Pinterest board by Fay Martin.

Google+ Cadbury Equals Chocolate

14 March 2012: To celebrate reaching 500,000 followers on Google+ and to launch its new Dairy Milk Bubbly bar, Cadbury UK recreated its Google+ page in chocolate. Cadbury shared a series of photographs showing the process from start to finish and the company invited followers to watch live as the finishing touches were applied through Google+ Hangout. This chocolate makeover has so far been exclusive to Cadbury’s fans on Google+ and has not been replicated for the brand’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

Coca-Cola ‘Papertweetos’

12 March 2012: Argentineans are madly passionate about football. During the Copa America 2011, Coca-Cola capitalised on this passion by creating a special Twitter hashtag where fans could tweet their support. These tweets were then printed out and launched into the air as players ran onto the field. Over 2,000,000 tweets of encouragement and support were sent to the designated hashtag and the ‘papertweetos’ were a crowd hit.

Nature Valley Brings the Outdoors In


Source: popularmechanics.com

03 March 2012: Nature Valley granola bars are connecting with customers through a project inspired by Google’s Street View. The Nature Valley Trail View is a website featuring 58 hiking trails in some of America’s best known parks including Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. An autoplay function on each trail allows users to replicate “hiking” the trail complete with walking forward and backward and gazing in any direction.

The promotion of Nature Valley granola bars on the site is very minimal as the site is about supporting lifestyles and behaviours that customers care about. There are plans to broaden the site beyond this first phase to include more parks and trails to the tune of $1million.


Tesco’s Delivery Dash


Source: marketingweek.co.ulk

8 March 2012: Tesco has developed an online shopping game on Facebook called Delivery Dash to increase customer engagement with the grocery chain. The game is predominately aimed at female shoppers who compete against the clock to fill grocery orders for friends.

Currently ranked the #1 retail brand in the UK, Tesco is hoping that the game will allow Tesco to have a conversation with customers beyond the usual ‘selling messages’. One of the biggest positives about the game for Tesco is that the game duration is 30 minutes, meaning customers are engaging for a long period of time.


Clicks & Cravings


A new report entitled Clicks & Cravings: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture by The Hartman Group and food and nutrition marketing agency Publicis Consultants USA, says that almost 50% of consumers learn about food and cooking via social networking sites and 40% learn about food via websites.

Until recently mothers used to be the ‘go to’ experts on recipes and food but as this report shows people now rely on digital information to inform their decisions. Choosing recipes or food items based on sight transforms the process from being sensory to visual, which opens up a world of opportunities for marketing companies to further develop their digital campaigns.

Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo Partners With Digital Jungle In Japan


9 February 2012: Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo announced today it would partner with Digital Jungle, a social influence digital marketing agency to provide clients with social media analytics technologies and social marketing services. Digital Jungle already has an existing relationship with Saatchi & Saatchi in China.

Phillip Rubel, Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo’s CEO stated, “Penetration of social media is proliferating within all aspects of people’s lives in Japan. Prior to March 2011, social media activity was inherently a local Japanese one. But since last March, we’ve seen a huge spike in people adopting a more internationalized approach, particularly in their usage of Twitter and Facebook. The challenge for marketers is how to participate in the conversations going on, recognize the opportunities and then how to measure the impact of what they do.”

Read full press release at saatchi.com

PepsiCo’s Latest Digital Correspondents


Source: brandchannel.com

09 February 2012: In ongoing effort to support female digital entrepreneurs through its Women’s Inspiration Network (WIN), PepsiCo has selected three remarkable women following their BlogHer2011 search for media-savvy women to offer exclusive ‘insider access’ to a number of its major sponsored events that will consequently lead to a flood of traffic within their respective blogs, businesses and personal brands.

New digital correspondents Tammy Tibbetts, Nicole Feliciano and Angela Chee are not your average bloggers. Proving that women can have it all through juggling motherhood, family obligations and their own successful ‘mom-focused’ online careers, these women not only inspire others through scoping out trends and sharing them with inquisitive moms, but offer inspiring stories to empower women across the world with their ongoing commitments to improving society through the successful use of online and social media.

Aim to Spread the Love

07 February 2012: Continuing on from the success of the Christmas-themed version, Starbucks is launching an app in the US to help spread love across the nation and ‘Celebrate everylove’ in preparation for Valentine’s Day.

First, users are required to download the new app online which allows them to send personalized animated valentines or Starbucks eGift Cards. Then, they need only point their smartphone at the activated limited edition heart-festooned coffee cups to open up an array of digital offerings, and select the recipient to send the offering to. The app can be used for sending messages of endearment or, more practically, buy their loved ones several drinks. Notching up the seasonal love offerings further, Starbucks has encouraged people around the globe to share their thoughts on love via Twitter and Instagram, with the company already posting videos on YouTube featuring personal stories. 


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Play ‘The Hunger Games’


Source: screenrant.com

02 February 2012: Suzanne Collins’ book trilogy ‘The Hunger Games’ was a wild success amongst young adults, and with the movie set to be released soon, fans are in for an additional treat with the opportunity to virtually enter the fantasy world in which the books are based.

New York-based company Funtactix has created a free-to-play game that makes money by allowing fans to purchase virtual goods to enhance their in-game play. Timed with a launch on Facebook in tandem with the movie premiere, the game offers fans the chance to explore the post-apocalyptic world and complete missions whilst interacting with characters from the book. Following on the success of other movie-based social games, the immense popularity of the books and ultimate experience of fans could spell out the potential for this game to be the most popular of its genre yet. 


Connected Consumers Aren’t Who You Think They Are


Source: Blogalicious

30 January 2012: The results of a recent report by media mobile and social analytics provider Zmags has defied the stereotypes typically associated with the online shopping habits of the ‘Connected Consumer’.  The data suggests that instead of the savvy 20-something person with a penchant for shopping via mobile apps, a different character and set of habits are at play with the ‘Connected Consumer’ more likely to be a woman in her 40s.  Four percent of survey respondents showed preference to shopping via mobile apps while 87 percent claimed to prefer browser-based shopping on PCs or laptops.

Tablet owners appeared to fully utilize their devices for online shopping, with 87 percent using it for holiday-related shopping in 2011, and 34 percent of tablet owners shopping via Facebook. With consumers showing clear preferences for what types of purchases they make on which devices, marketers can look to tailor their offerings as appropriate to the new demographics.


Trading In For The Real Olympic Experience


Source: psfk.com

25 January 2012: As the official U.S Olympic Committee energy partner, BP America has created a unique shared experience for both fans and hopeful sporting participants for the 2012 Olympic Games through virtual trading cards available in Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine.

We often see athletes competing, but have no real idea how they reached that sporting position. The augmented reality trading cards offer viewers the chance to listen to first hand accounts from nine hopeful U.S Olympic & Paralympic participants in the lead-up to the world’s biggest sporting event.  The virtual experience gives supporters the chance to hear the athletes share their personal experiences of courage, dedication and perseverance that took them to reach sport’s upper echelon by representing Team USA at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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