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What Is Sisomo?

sisomo is the powerful combination of Sight, Sound and Motion on screen. It is an idea at Saatchi & Saatchi’s core. A new word that powers our creatives, our interactives, our media thinkers, our planners, our account lines.


Order Made Easy

The struggles of ordering pizza are finally over, thanks to a new iOS app that lets users order pizza with the press of a button.

Brands Embrace Shoppable Video


Source: net-a-porter.com

7 August 2014: Fashion brands are embracing interactive video, with Levi and luxury fashion e-tailer Net-A-Porter both releasing shoppable videos.

Created by Ciematique, Net-A-Porters video- touted as the first “shoppable fashion film” - features touchable ‘hot spots’ that when touched lets the viewer add products to their ‘personal boutique’, share via social media, or purchase the items directly from the online store.


Source: levi.com

Levi’s film ‘Live in Levi’s’ seeks to tell the story of the people who wear its jeans. The video features a selection of influencers from across the globe discussing their love of the brand and how they wear their jeans. Throughout the film, ‘click-to-buy’ buttons appear, allowing viewers to purchase selected items.

In addition to the two films being shoppable, both have a strong focus on storytelling - whether real or in the case of Net-A-Porter fantasy. Another medium used to connect to shoppers and make them consider how the products will fit into their own lives.

Zappos Create Digital Personal Assistant

Online shoe and clothing company Zappos have launched Ask Zappo, a digital-service that acts like a personal assistant helping users’ track down items via images they send through to the service.

Pepsi Invites Drinkers to become Mixologists

Pepsi has unveiled its newest drink dispenser Pepsi Spire that lets users mix a beverage in over 1,000 different ways.

Grosch Bottle Transforms into Movie Ticket

Grolsch has turned its beer into a movie ticket with just the clink of its bottle.

Virtual Reality: The Next Marketing Frontier

During the FIFA World Cup Coca Cola let fans “play” on the World Cup pitch. Thanks to virtual reality. With the rise of virtual reality brands are creating unique ways of connecting with fans.

Drinks Tube Mixes Social, Real-Time and Cocktails

Jamie Oliver’s new YouTube Channel, Drinks Tube, in collaboration with Bacardi, set up a shop in a London Tube Station to seek cocktail inspiration from passers by, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter users, or Cocktail Request Week.

Adidas Releases Short-Format TV Series’

Despite being only permitting 15-seconds long clips, Adidas and partner Champs Sport have launched four different online shows via Instagram.

Lacoste Invites Shoppers to Not Remove Their Shoes

Lacoste has released an app that will make it easier and faster for shoppers to try on its trainers, thanks to augmented reality.

Heineken Help Revelers Discover ‘Where Next’

Heineken is releasing ‘Where Next’ a geo-centric social compass to help people find the next place to visit on a night out

Birchbox Soho takes the Online World Offline

Birchbox, an online beauty discovery store, is bringing their concept offline with Birchbox Soho.

Cadbury Scans Facebook to Match Person to Chocolate

Cadbury Dairy Milk Australia is harnessing social media data in its latest campaign: matching chocolate to people’s Facebook profiles.

WhatsCook Helps Would-Be Cooks

Hellman’s mayonnaise is taking advantage of popular phone app WhatsApp to create a live recipe service WhatsCook.

Passions on the Wall

Walk past a fluidWall and your passions will be projected onto it as you walk by.

Google and Grocer Encourage Use of Scrapes

Sainsbury’s supermarket in the UK is on a mission to reduce food waste and it’s teamed up with Google to help mitigate some of the issue.

Augmented Makeup

Innovate beauty retailer Sephora is upping the ante, allowing shoppers to try makeup with augmented reality.

Let Your Fingers do the Designing.

Japanese fast-fashion house UNIQLO have launched an app that lets Japan-based users create their own t-short designs.

Posters Making Music

Beck’s New Zealand has created the “world’s first playable poster” in an effort to further celebrate its dedication to music.

Amazon Lets People Make Shopping Lists Through Tweets

Users of both Amazon and Twitter can now add products to their virtual shopping carts through tweets.

Google Now Tells You Where to Shop


Source: google+/Google

5 May 2014: Google Now is an intelligent personal assistant that as well as providing information on request, delivers information to the user it thinks they will appreciate based on what it learns from their usage. Google Now displays information through short cards, that might show information relevant to a user (e.g. that they have dinner plans) or it might show them information based on their location and search history.

In its latest update Google Now will tell users when nearby retailers carry an item that they have recently searched online. The notifications not only reminds a person that they wanted a particular item, but will let them know give an idea of the cost and if there are any other retailers carrying the item.

Westfield Launch Touch Screen ‘Storefronts’

Westfield is looking to create more interactive retail experiences for shoppers with the roll out of a series of three large seven feet tall touch screens.

Instagram Surfing Is Here

Web app, Into the Static, makes Instagram your own personal TV channel.

Saatchi & Saatchi New York Create App for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is upon New York City, and Saatchi & Saatchi New York are bringing cutting-edge technology to the age old tradition.

The Art of Chrome Light

With the celebration of TED’s 30th annual conference approaching, something special was planned to mark the occasion; a sculptural installation powered by the connectivity of Google Chrome.

Pepsi Transforms Bus Stop into Alternate Reality

Source: youtube.com/Pepsi Max UK

31 March 2014: Always one to make something fun, Pepsi Max have turned a regular old bus stop into possibly the greatest Alternate Reality experience ever.

Pepsi installed a fake window in a London bus shelter, and onlookers were subjected to images of invading aliens, giant robots, a subterranean tentacle creature and a tiger. While no panic was caused, it did cause a few people to make a few double takes.

Kenzo’s Pop-Up Store Makes A Statement

French fashion house, Kenzo have created a pop-up store with an interactive store-front showcasing the depletion of our oceans fish to window-shoppers, in aid of spreading awareness and preserving ocean life. 

Mobile Marketing Secrets Unlocked in New Book

Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Director of Digital and Social, Tom Eslinger, offers a roadmap for creating effective mobile marketing campaigns with Mobile Magic.


Time Machine Takes the New Generation Back to the Past

Source: youtube.com/Toronto Film Festival

5 March 2014: In an inventive use of a now common social media platform, the Toronto Silent Film Festival launched the Instagram Time Machine to connect with a younger, digitally savvy audience.  Users who signed up to the account and turned their phones vertically were presented with a virtual tour of the life and film career of celebrated silent movie star Charlie Chaplin. The visual timeline includes facts, movie posters and clips of the actor.

Study: Car Buyers Consult Online Before Dealerships

The internet and social media have change everything… Including how we buy cars. 

Fashion Goes 360

Fashion label Sass & Bide’s latest campaign brings both the power of advertising and retail together in a very clever creative approach.

Video DJ

A music video for Nightbus is made from two videos rolled into one and presenting a radical rethinking of user engagement.

The Daisy Marc Jacobs Twitter Store

Source: YouTube.com/MarcJacobs

6 February 2014: Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is taking the relationship between social media and commerce to another level with an original new concept pop-up store for his Daisy fragrance line.

During New York Fashion Week dollars will have no meaning at the Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, as all purchases will be made through the use of various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

The pop-up store will draw upon a whole range of sensory impulse, which will include couches, artwork and a live DJ. The store has been designed as a way for customers to easily engage with the brand. Competitions will also be used to drive engagement and social media currency in the store.

The Daisy Marc Jacobs Tweet Shop, located in Soho at 462 West Broadway, will be open from February 7 until February 9, 2014 .

The Second Screen Creates Value

Super Bowl XLVIII showed the level of engagement that can be created through the use of social media.

Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange

Vanish New Zealand has set up the ‘Vanish Kiwi Tip Exchange’, encouraging users to share washing tips with one another.

High Scores Could Lead to Your Dream Job

All those hours playing video games could lead you to your dream job.

Prepare to Be Pranked by Old Spice

Old Spice makes use of prank websites and a dry wit to bring its products to its audience.

Burritos Take Over TV

Chipotle are producing original TV series ‘Farmed and Dangerous’, a new show about ethical food sourcing which will premiere on Hulu.

Play Fetch with Eukanuba Online

Conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, Eukanuba’s Play Fetch is a unique Facebook application that enables you to launch tennis balls anywhere in the world directly from your computer to dogs at Pets Haven Animal Shelter in Victoria, Australia.

Toyota Collaborator

Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA’s new collaborative configurator makes car buying truly social.

Unsnooze – The Game

To encourage Nord’s and their neighbors to get out of bed, Philips developed, Unsnooze – The Game, for iOS, which turns getting out of bed into a competitive game.

Outdoor Activation Celebrates MINIs

Drivers of the classic British car, MINI, are being celebrated through an outdoor campaign that includes the use of digital screens along one of London’s main roads that flash messages directly to MINI drivers as they go passed.

On Demand Football Pitch


Source: nikeblog.com

In the Spanish capital of Madrid, people are able to request Nike for a pop-up football pitch in six different city neighbours, as a part of a #mipista campaign. Players request a pitch using their smartphones, and once an order is placed, Nike specialists drive to the location with a laser system and crane and use laser beams to create an augmented football pitch where two teams of five can play.


Media Markt Brings Store Underground

Russian electronic retailer, Media Markt, has launched a mobile shopping display in a Moscow underground station.

McDonald’s Create Interactive Table

McDonald Singapore has employed smartphones to turn a boring table into an interactive gaming experience for kids. The table uses NFC technology to turn the table into a driving track.


More and more companies are using Vine to engage with consumers, including GE who is using the short-form video app to create #6SecondScience Fair series.

Ikea’s AR App Fits Furniture Into Your Home

Ikea have updated its 2014 catalogue app to include an augmented reality feature that lets customers see how a couch, rug, bedside table, or lamp will fit in a room.

Play Novalia’s Poster with Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of the static, one-way communication based poster. Novalia, have developed a poster that produces sounds when the poster is touched.

City Streetlight Project Spreads Residents Around the City

When Brazilian electricity company, AES Eletropaulo wanted to engage with the residents of São Paulo they took to the streets, using the city’s street lights to project messages submitted by the public.

Häagen-Dazs Uses Augmented Reality to Help ‘Temper’ Ice Cream

To ensure eaters wait for its ice cream to “temper”, Häagen-Dazs has launched the ‘Concerto Timer’ iOS app which features two-minute-long music concertos to entertain consumers while they wait for the ice cream to reach its ideal consistency and flavor. 

The Rise of the Virtual Showroom

As fewer Britons are buying cars, car manufacturers are moving away from traditional hard sell techniques typically used at showrooms and offering more opportunities to experiences vehicles before they buy – even encouraging online purchases.

Lexus Creates Films Out of Instagrams

19 July 2013: “Team One and Lexus created the first ad film ever made entirely out of Instagram photos. The stop motion film was directed by Jacob Rosenberg out of Bandito Brothers, with the photos coming from a “WordlWideInstameet” held by the photo site and Lexus on June 30. Each Instagrammer contributed at least one photo, filtered and styled however they liked.”

Read the full article on Creativity Online

Telecom Ultra Broadband ‘Waiting is Over’ from Saatchi & Saatchi NZ

17 July 2013: Telecom New Zealand has brought its new high-speed Ultra Broadband range to market in full force, with its newest ad campaign sweeping onto Kiwis’ TV screens this week.

The 60” spot, titled Waiting is Over, speaks to New Zealanders’ most loved uses for the Internet, and to our growing appetite for faster, more reliable connections. It captures a series of frozen moments, linked by their demand for unadulterated, ultra-fast broadband.

“Executionally it feels like Telecom at its absolute best,” says Antonio Navas - ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ. “We’re ecstatic that we’ve been able to bring such a great idea to life in such an impactful way.”

Read the full press release

BREAKFAST Creates Web-enabled Signpost

New York-based tech firm BREAKFAST have hurled the signpost into the 21st century, with ‘Points’, an interactive web-enabled sign post.

Nike App Helps Designers Choose Sustainable Materials


Source: POPSOP.com

10 July 2013:A new iOS app by Nike helps designers choose more sustainable materials. Informed by the Nike Materials Sustainability Index (MSI), MAKING providers users with information about the environment environmental performance of the materials designers and creators use in their work, such as silk, leather, wool, polypropylene and rayon-viscose, so that they can make more informed decisions about the materials they choose. The guide delivers information on the materials that are most used in the manufacturing of apparel and home goods. To provide information on how sustainable each material is, MAKING looks at the chemistry, energy/greenhouse gas intensity, water/land intensity and physical waste of each material. 

Planet Fitness Fights ‘Pintimidation’

Planet Fitness are encouraging users to upload images they find ‘pintimidating’ to and apply the ‘de-pintimidate’ filter to add graphics like cats and unicorns to the image.

24 Hour Shoppable Window


Source: psfk.com

9 July 2013: To launch Kate Spade’s line of casual clothing, Saturday, the brand created 24-hour shoppable store windows in New York. The interactive storefronts featured a selection of the lines clothing and accessories. Using a large touch screen display, customers could browse the entire collection and get specific production information. Check-out requires entering a mobile number; a confirmation text is sent and following approval a messenger will deliver the selected purchase to New York locations within 24 hours. Payments of purchase happen upon delivery.

Brain Translates Hidden Message

Knowing that bored, tired commuters often rest their heads against train windows, Sky Go created a ‘talking window’ that plays the rester a message only they can hear.

Saatchi & Saatchi LA - The Digital Space Today Is A Wonderland


‘Screen Age Love Story’ Wins Gold


Coca-Cola Unites Through Vending Machines

Coca-Cola have created vending machines equipped with full-length webcams that provide free drinks in exchange for interaction between people in India and Pakistan.

Virtual Kisses

Google and Burberry have teamed up to send kisses around the world. With a visit to kiss.burberry.com, “unique kiss-detection technology” will detect the outline of puckered lips.

Adobe Photoshop Enables Real-Time Advertising

13 June 2013: Adobe turned waiting for the bus into a unique experience for Finnish pedestrians when they were added to bus stop advertising in real time thanks to Photoshop. As part of an Adobe Creative Initiative, Photoshop artist Erik Johansson installed a blank screen into the advertising space within a bus shelter. He then waited in a nearby van and took photos of waiting pedestrians. Using the photographs, Johansson placed the pedestrians into images, that when then projected into the screen, gave pedestrians the surprise of seeing themselves placed in fake movie advertising, or on-top of a wedding cake.

Dunkin’ on Vine

Dunkin’ Donuts are running a competition where customers are invited to submit Vine videos that show how the entrant runs on Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee. Vine, Twitter’s short-form video app, lets users create 6 second videos that can be posted on Twitter.

Toyota’s Hidden Road Safety Campaign

To help drivers in Peru understand the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, Toyota created a print campaign that’s full message could not be understood without a mobile device.

Screens to Shop With

A number of companies around the world are utilizing the interactivity of screens on the Path to Purchase. Here are two examples from Brazil and South Korea.

Integrating Print and Digital

The Independent has become the first newspaper in the world to bring their print production into the digital age with the use of a ‘fully integrated’ augmented reality feature using the Blippar app.

Printed Wi-Fi


Source: springwise

14 May 2013: Microsoft has placed a Wi-Fi enabled print ad in a special edition of Forbes magazine to promote its new cloud-based Office 365 software. The ad consisted of four back-to-back pages with an ultra-thin router and battery placed in-between. Once activated, the ad could provide up to four users with 15-days free internet, courtesy of T-Mobile. Although the battery only allowed for two to three hours of power, a flap in the ad allowed for users to plug in a mini USB cable to gain extra charge.

Atom Sized Film

IBM have made ‘the world’s smallest movie’, using a using a special microscope they invented to move atoms around on a surface. The movie titled, “A Boy and His Atom,” is a rudimentary stop-motion animation made by IBM scientists.

Cups That Creates Instant Friends

Budweiser Brazil has created a cup that speeds up making friends over a pint by instantly making them friends on Facebook. The Budweiser “Buddy Cup” is embedded with a chip integrated with Facebook.

Look Away to Pause

‘Look Away’ is a new Apple app that will pause your YouTube clip when you look away from the screen, turning it back on when your gaze returns. The app also allows you to mute a video simply by telling it to ‘shhh.’

Google Glasses

Google Glasses are part of a new generation of wearable technology that allows the user to communicate with friends, search the internet, and check emails wherever you are.

Crowdsourcing “Veronica Mars”

The TV series Veronica Mars ended after just three seasons in 2007, but a passionate fan following will see it revived as a feature film through the crowdsourcing site Kickstarter.

58% Bank On Mobile

A report by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, InMobi, and Viggle, reveals that 58% of consumers now use their bank’s mobile app; 8% higher than those using a bank’s mobile website.

Wi-Fi Movie Poster

The traditional movie poster has been reinvented thanks to Wi-Fi, providing pedestrians with free wireless connectivity that enabled them to access trailers and provided the chance to purchase cinema tickets.

Instagram to Receive Recipes

The rise of visual social media has certainly increased the chances of seeing what your friends have had to eat. Now one company in Sweden is hoping to capitalize on this trend.

Content Makes This Golden Age of TV: Barnhill

8 April 2013: Durk Barnhill, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi New York, discusses the power of storytelling and effective content marketing, and their roles in television’s increasing popularity, on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop”.

Sak’s Helps Employees Eat Healthy

Sak’s Fifth Avenue has partnered with LocalSqr – a company whose app aims to encourage healthy eating by promoting locally grown food – as part of the company’s employee wellbeing program.

The Rise of the Second Screen

According to a study by Time Warner Medialab, the more screens you have, the more likely you are to engage in media multitasking, including engaging in ‘social TV’.

Day and Night Smartphone Use


Source: mnn.com

25 March 2013: A recent study by Arbitron Mobile shows what activities dominate smartphone day/night time usage. The analysis shows that prime time on television is used for playing games and using social media; whereas daytime use is primarily used for voice calls, messaging, browsing, social networking and gaming. The study also showed that average time spent on smartphone devices is fairly consistent through the day. The findings are consistent with prior research indicating that mobile use surges in the morning as people check things like weather and traffic, and in the evening when they use their devices as second screens while watching television or leisure activities like gaming.

Farmageddon: The World’s First Online Drought Hits Farmerama


22 March 2013: Everything was fine until the 22nd March 2013, when the drought disaster hit more than 45 million online farmers around the world who opened their accounts on Farmerama. The fields are dry, the grass is brown, the animals’ tongues are hanging out for lack of water, and every farm is a catastrophe. Everything that was carefully planted and long cultivated and cared for has fallen victim to the first online global drought. What now?

The initiative by Saatchi & Saatchi Frankfurt for World Water Day aims to help the UN Water and the Ending Hunger Movement of FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) call attention to water scarcity and the problems of real life farmers around the world. Online farmers are given the choice to carry on playing, or to help end the virtual drought by passing on the message or making a donation for low-cost pumps, water tanks, tubing and other supplies for poor farmers.

Read full press release

#DammiPiùVoce: Turn Up My Voice


11 March 2013: On http://www.coordown.it, 50 people with Down syndrome asked 50 celebrities for a particular donation. Not money: they asked for a video. A video in which those celebrities ask the public to support the rights of people with Down Syndrome through a donation, thus amplifying their voices.  A video that, if shared by the celebrities on their social networks, would have more chance of being listened to.

Every person has asked his or her idol to donate a video: Luca asked Tiziano Ferro, Giacono asked Francesco Totti, Sara asked Fiorello, Andrea asked Sharon Stone…why not dream? The goal is to reach March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, with the highest number of celebrity videos donated. You can follow the campaign on twitter.com/coordown and facebook.com/coordown.

Read the full press release

Lexus Moves into Movies

Lexus and Weinstein Company are partnering to launch five short-films this year. Each 3 - 6 minute film will be by different international amateur directors and will be based on the theme “Life is Amazing.”

Telecom Ad Series To Offer Tech Tips

23 February 2013: A creative initiative by Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand and Telecom New Zealand, ““Tech in a Sec” is a multimedia campaign with TV ads directing customers to online clips that address the most commonly asked questions from its website.”

Read the full article at The New Zealand Herald

Own Your Own Subway Virtual Store

A Subway online promotion, ‘Build Your Own Virtual Restaurant Challenge’, gives participants the opportunity to run their own virtual Subway store.

KLM’s Personalized Maps

Source: youtube.com

20 February 2013: Dutch airline KLM wants to make your travel experience as personalized and unique as possible by helping you creating a bespoke sight-seers map for your next holiday. The website http://mustseemap.klm.com>http://mustseemap.klm.com enables you to select a destination and invite friends to contribute tips and provide their best recommendations. It takes three week to produce, but KLM will send a physical copy of your map, with all the tips included.

Lexus Blends-Out

For the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Lexus and Team One combined mobile and print to create an interactive experience based on the idea that allows readers to use their mobile phones to “Blend Out” swimsuit models hidden on the page.

Tide Takes #2 Spot in Super Bowl Ad Meter

7 February 2013: Tide’s Super Bowl Commercial, “Miracle Stain,” was rated the second best ad of the weekend’s big game in USA Today‘s prestigious Ad Meter poll.

Created by Saatchi & Saatchi New York, the :60 spot tells the story of the miraculous appearance of a shirt stain in the likeness of Joe Montana.

The commercial debuted with much fanfare and delight in the third quarter of Sunday night’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. “Miracle Stain” has garnered phenomenal press coverage and sits at the top of many “top Super Bowl ad” lists - including Ad Age, Creativity, Forbes and The New York Times.

‘Genie’ Kaley Cuoco Grants Wishes in All-New Toyota RAV4 Commercial

Investing In Mobile Start-Ups To Reconnect

Mondelēz International is investing in mobile start-ups it hopes will bring game-changing innovation to the company as well as gaining new application specifically for its business.

An App To Curbing The Wine Habits Of Scotland’s Women

Scottish health officials have released an app that shows women how they will look in 10 years’ time if they drink 10+ glasses of wine per week.

Trend: Phablets Are The New Normal

Phablets (phone-cum-tablet) are increasingly becoming the mobile norm. The trend of larger screened phones can be seen in every smart phone manufacturer from Samsung to the iPhone.

Televisions Still Domination Media Consumption

A new report by Nielsen shows that how American’s are using digital devices, and TV is still the device to beat when it comes to media engagement.

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine Accepts Carols For Payment

In the latest incarnation of Coca-Cola’s Happiness Machine, passing Swedes were able to sing a Christmas carol in exchange for a Coke.

Lenovo Launches Resolution Sharing on Facebook

With Lenovo setting itself apart as the brand for ‘doers’, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore worked with the PC manufacturer to unveil a new app.

Mobile App That Lets Shoppers Skip The Checkout Line

Q-Thru is a new mobile app that allows shoppers to shop, scan and buy their items on their smartphones, avoiding checkout lanes altogether!

F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi Transforms Honda Fit Twist Into Mixing Deck

New CinePrint Technology Puts Lexus Print Ad in Motion


26 November 2012: Team One continues to play and experiment with traditional advertising. Using a Lexus ES Sports Illustrated print ad with an iPad screen, the industry first transforms a static ad into moving video. With CinePrint(TM), the seemingly standard ad is converted into a full-fledged digital experience.

After placing the iPad underneath the ad, the static image comes to life - the sky flashes and pulsates with a brilliant color before exploding to the beat of the music and the engine revs as the car begins driving through the night. While most traditional mash-ups redirect to a digital experience, Team One was able to create a multi-sensory experience that combines sight, sound, and touch all within the print advertisement.

To experience the ad first hand, find the Lexus ad in the October 15 print edition of Sports Illustrated. Or watch the demo video to see for yourself: www.Lexus.com/stunning

Guinness Storehouse’s High-Tech Experience


Source: popsop.com

29 October 2012: Guinness is increasing its attractions at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin with a multi-million pound expansion that will allow visitors to discover more about the brand and its origins. Located on the fourth-floor of the building, the ‘Guinness Global’ experience includes the Guinness Community Map which enables people to explore a global view of Guinness around the world on one of the world’s largest interactive screens. Visitors will also be able to post messages from the Storehouse, leave messages from Facebook and link with their local Guinness Facebook community.

Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney’s Virtual Meritocracy


23 October 2012: “Keen to get your foot in the door at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney? As any young creative knows, one of the biggest challenges is cracking that door open. But aspiring creatives can now go inside the Sydney branch after it claimed to be the first agency in the world to team up with Google to create Saatchi Street View. Head into the virtual agency, search for and respond to a hidden brief, and those with the best ideas get a chance to win an internship at the Sydney agency.”

Read full article at stoppress.co.nz

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