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Conill and T-Mobile Dial Up the Drama on Popular US Show ‘Eva Luna’


Source: fastcompany.com

5 April 2011: A popular U.S. soap opera Eva Luna, is the stage for the latest non-traditional campaign from Conill for its client, T-Mobile. The effort engages viewers through a series of ingenious integrations shown during commercial breaks, where T-Mobile users are encouraged to call their friends or neighbours to update them on the latest scandalous developments on the show.

The most notable execution of the integrations took the form of the ‘Longest phone call ever’. In it, Conill took advantage of an opening and closing sponsorship opportunity to present an episode as if it were being told as a story over the phone. To accomplish this, Univision provided the script of the episode before it aired. The agency then added an audio track to pre-recorded video of a woman talking to someone (her aunt) on the phone. The narrative of the opening integration set-up what was to come in the first minutes of the show and the closing integration summarized the ending.

The insight that sparked this execution, “people love to talk about soap operas”, was a great trigger to produce work based on the overarching strategy that T-Mobile brings people together and helps them share their lives with family and friends.

Read the full press release at Saatchi.com.

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