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Brands Embrace Shoppable Video


Source: net-a-porter.com

7 August 2014: Fashion brands are embracing interactive video, with Levi and luxury fashion e-tailer Net-A-Porter both releasing shoppable videos.

Created by Ciematique, Net-A-Porters video- touted as the first “shoppable fashion film” - features touchable ‘hot spots’ that when touched lets the viewer add products to their ‘personal boutique’, share via social media, or purchase the items directly from the online store.


Source: levi.com

Levi’s film ‘Live in Levi’s’ seeks to tell the story of the people who wear its jeans. The video features a selection of influencers from across the globe discussing their love of the brand and how they wear their jeans. Throughout the film, ‘click-to-buy’ buttons appear, allowing viewers to purchase selected items.

In addition to the two films being shoppable, both have a strong focus on storytelling - whether real or in the case of Net-A-Porter fantasy. Another medium used to connect to shoppers and make them consider how the products will fit into their own lives.

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